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How to Get an Arsenal Membership Card?

Are you a die-hard Arsenal fan? Do you dream of cheering on the Gunners from the stands, feeling the electric atmosphere as they take to the pitch? Becoming an Arsenal member could be your ticket to making those dreams a reality! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about getting an Arsenal membership card. From the different types of memberships available and their costs to how you can get your hands on that coveted membership card – we’ve got it all covered. So let’s dive in and discover how being part of Arsenal’s loyal fan base can enhance your matchday experience like never before!

What is Arsenal Membership?

How to Get an Arsenal Membership Card?

Arsenal Membership is more than just a piece of plastic. It’s a badge of honour that signifies your dedication and loyalty to one of the most storied football clubs in the world. By becoming an Arsenal member, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and privileges that will enhance your connection with the club.

First and foremost, an Arsenal membership grants you priority access to match tickets. Whether it’s Premier League clashes, domestic cup competitions, or European showdowns, being a member puts you at the front of the queue when it comes to securing seats for home games at Emirates Stadium.

But it doesn’t stop there. Membership also offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into life at Arsenal. You’ll receive regular communications from the club including newsletters packed with insider news, interviews with players and staff, as well as updates on upcoming events and promotions.

In addition to this insider content, Arsenal members also enjoy discounts on merchandise from official club stores. From jerseys and scarves to mugs and keychains – show off your team pride while saving some pounds along the way!

Furthermore, being part of Arsenal’s vibrant community means gaining access to exclusive events such as meet-and-greets with players or legends, fan forums where you can share your thoughts directly with fellow Gunners enthusiasts, and even opportunities for stadium tours where you can walk in the footsteps of footballing greats.

Different Types of Arsenal Membership

Different Types of Arsenal Membership

When it comes to joining the Arsenal family, there are different types of membership available for fans to choose from. Each membership offers unique benefits and perks that cater to different age groups and levels of support.

One popular option is the Red Membership, which provides access to ticket priority for home matches. This allows members to have a better chance of securing tickets, especially for high-demand games. In addition, Red Members also receive exclusive discounts on merchandise and access to behind-the-scenes content.

There is the Junior Gunner Membership for younger Gunners fans aged 0-16 years old. This membership grants them access to special events and competitions and includes a great welcome pack filled with exciting Arsenal goodies.

If you want an enhanced matchday experience, then Platinum Membership might be the right choice for you. With this premium package, members enjoy luxurious hospitality options such as fine dining experiences and prime seating locations at Emirates Stadium. Let’s see everything in detail.

Red Membership

One of the standout features of the Red Membership is access to “My Arsenal Rewards,” an exclusive club rewards program available solely to members. This program opens doors to exciting opportunities, including winning coveted prizes and enjoying money-can’t-buy experiences related to Arsenal. Whether it’s VIP access to matches or unique fan interactions, My Arsenal Rewards ensures that Red Members get more than just a seat at the stadium.

Ticket Access: As a Red Member, you gain priority access to tickets for Arsenal matches. This means you have a better chance of securing tickets for the games you want to attend, even for high-demand fixtures. Enjoy the thrill of being there to support your team live at the Emirates Stadium.

10% Off Retail (Online & In-Store): Red Members also benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on Arsenal merchandise, both online and in-store. Deck yourself out in the latest Arsenal gear and proudly display your loyalty to the club with a discount that’s reserved just for members.

Ticket Exchange: Sometimes plans change, and you may find yourself unable to attend a game. With the Ticket Exchange feature, Red Members have the flexibility to resell their tickets for matches they can’t make it to. It’s a convenient way to ensure that your seat doesn’t go to waste and that another Arsenal fan gets the opportunity to support the team.

Automatic Renewal and Cancellation: Your Arsenal Membership with Red Membership renews automatically at the end of each season. However, the club understands that circumstances may change. You have the option to terminate your membership at any time. Towards the end of the season, Arsenal will contact you to inform you about the upcoming renewal, ensuring that you have full control over your membership status.

Junior Gunner Membership

Junior Gunner Membership is a fantastic opportunity for young Arsenal fans to get involved with their favourite football club. With this membership, children aged 0-16 can enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences tailored just for them.

One of the key perks of being a Junior Gunner is access to match tickets. Members have priority access to purchase tickets for Arsenal home games before they go on general sale. This means you can secure your spot at Emirates Stadium and cheer on your team from the stands!

But it doesn’t stop there – Junior Gunners also receive an awesome welcome pack filled with exciting merchandise, including a backpack, scarf, and more. Plus, they’ll receive regular newsletters packed with player interviews, competitions, and behind-the-scenes content throughout the season.

Being part of the Junior Gunner community also means getting involved in fun activities like soccer schools and events specifically designed for young fans. It’s a great way to make friends who share your passion for Arsenal while developing your skills on and off the pitch.

Platinum Membership

As a Platinum Member, you’ll bask in a world of exclusive pre-match dining and entertainment options. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Ticket access to every competitive men’s first-team fixture, spanning the Premier League, Emirates FA Cup, English League Cup, and European matches at Emirates Stadium
  • Complimentary official matchday programme and a half-time drink to enhance your experience
  • A dedicated team of account managers at your service throughout the season
  • Opportunity to elevate your Membership with seasonal dining in one of our exclusive Member-only clubs
  • Access to the My Arsenal Rewards programme for extra privileges and perks

Additional Benefits:

The benefits don’t end there! With Platinum Membership, you also enjoy:

  • Seamless ticket transfer to guests electronically
  • The flexibility to sell your Platinum tickets to fellow Arsenal Members
  • Access to purchase away tickets in line with the club’s ticketing policy
  • Entry into ballots for Domestic Cup Semi-Final and Final tickets
  • Conveniently set your dining and hospitality preferences online
  • Priority access to other electrifying Emirates Stadium events
  • Exclusive access to selected Member-only events happening all season long
  • Save 10% on retail purchases, showcasing your Arsenal pride wherever you go

Elevate your Arsenal matchday experience with Platinum Membership – where football meets luxury and camaraderie.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Arsenal Member?

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Arsenal Member

One of the most common questions that Arsenal fans have is how much it costs to become a member of the club.

The cost of becoming an Arsenal member depends on which type of membership you choose. Different tiers are available, each with its benefits and price points.

  1. Red Membership: £34

The Red Membership is the basic option for adult Arsenal supporters, priced at just £34 per year. With a Red Membership, you gain access to a variety of benefits, including ticket access, priority booking, and exclusive content, ensuring you stay connected with the club you love.

  1. Junior Gunners:

Arsenal is passionate about nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game among the next generation of fans. Junior Gunners is the club’s initiative for young supporters, with membership options tailored to different age groups:

Aged 4 to 11 years old: £15 – Give your child the opportunity to engage with Arsenal in a meaningful way, with access to exclusive events, competitions, and more.

Aged 12 to 16 years old: £15 – Teenage Arsenal fans can also join the Junior Gunners program for the same affordable price, enjoying a range of age-appropriate activities.

Aged 17 and 18 years old: £30 – Older teenagers can still be part of the Junior Gunners community for just £30 a year, ensuring their connection with Arsenal continues to grow.

  1. Platinum Membership for Season 2023/34: Starting from £3,330

For the most dedicated Arsenal supporters seeking the ultimate matchday experience, Platinum Membership offers exclusive access to premium seating and hospitality services. Prices for the 2023/34 season start from £3,330, including VAT. This premium membership option is ideal for fans who want to watch their beloved team in style, with access to luxurious facilities and a prime view of the action.

How to Get an Arsenal Membership Card?

If you’re a die-hard Arsenal fan, getting an Arsenal Membership card is a must. It’s not only a symbol of your loyalty to the club, but it also comes with some amazing perks and benefits. So, how do you go about getting your hands on one?

You need to decide which type of membership suits you best. There are three options available: Red Membership, Junior Gunner Membership, and Platinum Membership. Each has its own unique features tailored to different age groups and interests.

To obtain an Arsenal Membership card, visit the official website and follow the registration process. You’ll need to provide personal details such as your name, contact information, and address. Once registered, you can choose the type of membership that suits you.

It’s important to note that there is no free Arsenal Membership available. However, the cost of becoming a member varies depending on the type of membership chosen.

Once you’ve successfully registered for an Arsenal Membership card online, it will be posted to your given address within a few weeks. Make sure to keep it safe, as it grants access to exclusive events and discounts on tickets.

How to Cancel Arsenal Membership?

arsenal membership

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to cancel your Arsenal membership, the process is relatively straightforward.

Visit the official Arsenal website and log in to your account using your membership details. Once logged in, navigate to the membership section of the site.

Next, locate the option that allows you to manage or cancel your membership. This may be labelled differently depending on the specific layout of the website.

Click on this option and carefully follow any prompts or instructions provided. You may be required to fill out a cancellation form or provide additional information regarding your decision.

After submitting your cancellation request, make sure to keep an eye out for any confirmation emails from Arsenal confirming that your membership has been successfully cancelled. It’s always a good idea to save these emails for future reference if needed.

Remember that cancelling your Arsenal membership means losing access to certain perks and benefits associated with being a member. If you’re unsure whether cancelling is the right choice, it might be worth reaching out directly to Arsenal customer service for further assistance and guidance.


Being a part of the Arsenal fan community is truly special, and having an Arsenal membership card can make it even more exciting. With these simple steps and tips, you now know how to easily get your hands on this coveted item. So don’t wait any longer and join the ranks of dedicated Arsenal supporters with your very own membership card. It’s time to show your love for the club and enjoy exclusive benefits along the way!


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