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How to Appeal a Camden Parking Charge Notice?

Welcome to the world of parking headaches! We’ve all been there – that sinking feeling when you spot a bright yellow Camden Parking Charge Notice on your windshield. It’s like a pesky fly buzzing around, threatening to ruin your day.

But fear not, my fellow motorists! In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to fight back against those intimidating PCNs and reclaim your parking freedom. So buckle up and let’s dive into the thrilling world of appealing a Camden Parking Charge Notice!

What is a Camden Parking Charge Notice?

A Camden Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is a ticket issued by the London Borough of Camden for parking violations within their jurisdiction. If a vehicle is parked in contravention of parking regulations, such as exceeding the allocated time limit, parking in a restricted area, or not displaying a valid permit, the council may issue a PCN.

Camden PCNs typically include details such as the date, time, and location of the violation, along with photographic evidence when available. The notice will also indicate the specific parking regulation that was contravened and the amount of the penalty charge, which varies depending on the severity of the offence. It’s important to address the PCN promptly, as failure to pay or appeal within the specified timeframe can result in further charges or legal action.

How to Appeal a Camden Parking Charge Notice?

How to Appeal a Camden Parking Charge Notice?

If you wish to appeal a Camden Parking Charge Notice (PCN), here is a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Review the PCN: Carefully read through the details of the PCN, including the alleged parking violation, date, time, and location. Take note of any inconsistencies or errors that could strengthen your case.
  2. Gather evidence: Collect any evidence that supports your appeal. This may include photographs showing unclear or missing signage, receipts demonstrating payment for parking, or any other relevant documentation.
  3. Understand grounds for appeal: Familiarize yourself with the grounds for appealing a PCN in Camden. Common grounds for appeal can include procedural errors, factual disputes, or inadequate signage. Make sure your appeal falls within one of these categories.
  4. Submit an informal challenge: Begin the appeal process by submitting an informal challenge online or by post. Include all relevant details, evidence, and grounds for your appeal. The council will review your case and respond accordingly.
  5. Formal appeal: If your informal challenge is rejected, you can progress to the formal appeal stage. This involves submitting a formal representation called a Notice to Owner (NTO). You must do this within 28 days from the date of the rejection letter or 14 days from the date of the NTO, whichever is later.
  6. Independent adjudication: If your formal representation is rejected, you can take your case to an independent adjudicator. In Camden, this is handled by the London Tribunals. You can submit your appeal online or by post. The adjudicator will review your case and make a final decision.
  7. Paying the penalty charge: If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be required to pay the penalty charge. Make sure to pay it within the allotted timeframe to avoid additional charges.

Reasons to Dispute the Camden PCN

You are not obligated to settle every Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued to you by Camden Council. You retain the right to challenge unlawful parking fines imposed by Camden Council, provided you possess evidence supporting your claim.

Here are some compelling grounds for initiating an appeal against a Camden penalty charge notice:

  1. Invalid PCN: If the alleged contravention is inaccurate, request the issuing officer to furnish evidence supporting the claim.
  2. Medical Emergency: In the event of a medical emergency where securing a designated parking spot was impossible, substantiate your claim with relevant evidence.
  3. Malfunctioning Ticket Machine: If the parking meter was defective, rendering payment unfeasible, the PCN may be contested. However, if an alternative functioning meter was available, the appeal may not be successful.

Numerous other factors may invalidate a Camden PCN, contingent upon the availability of substantial supporting evidence.

How Much is a Camden PCN?

How Much is a Camden PCN?

The amount of a Camden Parking Charge Notice (PCN) varies depending on the severity of the parking violation. The council sets different penalty charge amounts for different types of contraventions. Here is a general breakdown of the charges:

  1. Higher Band: For more serious offences, such as parking in a suspended bay or in a loading/ unloading area without permission, the penalty charge is £130. This charge is reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days.
  2. Standard Band: Common parking violations, including parking without paying or displaying a valid ticket or permit, result in a standard band penalty charge of £80. If paid within 14 days, this charge is reduced to £40.
  3. Lower Band: Certain less severe contraventions like overstaying in a pay and display bay or parking in a resident or shared-use parking place without a valid permit carry a lower band penalty charge of £50. This charge is reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days.

How to Challenge a PCN Online?

Before initiating the challenge process, it is crucial to have the following information readily accessible:

  1. PCN number: The PCN number always commences with “CU” followed by eight digits. It uniquely identifies your parking charge notice.
  2. Vehicle registration: Provide the precise registration number of the vehicle that received the PCN. This information helps in proper identification.

If you are disputing multiple PCNs issued for the same vehicle, it is important to include all relevant CU reference numbers within the challenge section of your PCN form. This ensures that all related violations are addressed together.

Do keep in mind that the challenge form has a time limit of 20 minutes. To prevent losing your progress, we highly recommend composing your comments offline beforehand. Once you have finalized your response, you can conveniently copy and paste them into the designated form to submit your challenge successfully.

What Happens if I Lose My PCN?

What Happens if I Lose My PCN?

If you are unable to find your PCN number issued by the London Borough of Camden, please contact us at 020 7974 4444. When calling, please have the following information available:

  • Your vehicle registration mark (number plate)
  • The location where the PCN was issued
  • The date when the PCN was issued

However, it’s important to note that appeals cannot be made over the phone. According to parking legislation, all appeals must be submitted in writing. Therefore, once you have gathered the necessary details, please ensure you follow the required procedures for appealing a PCN as outlined by the council.


Appealing a Camden parking charge notice might seem like a daunting task, but with the right information and approach, it can be successfully done. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of having your appeal accepted and avoiding unnecessary fines.

Remember to keep detailed records and evidence to support your case and remain persistent in your communication with Camden Council during the appeals process. With determination and proper preparation, you may just be able to successfully appeal against that pesky parking charge notice.


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