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First Direct Credit Card – Review

Are you tired of sifting through countless credit card options, hoping to find the perfect one? Look no further! In today’s blog post, we are going to dive deep into the world of credit cards and review one that stands out from the crowd – the First Direct Credit Card.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the credit card game, this review will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. So grab a cup of coffee and prepare for an engaging exploration of what makes this card exceptional!

First Direct Credit

what is first direct credit card?

First Direct Credit is a breath of fresh air in the world of best credit cards. Their innovative approach and customer-centric philosophy have set themselves apart from the competition.

Hat sets First Direct Credit apart is its commitment to transparency and simplicity. They believe that banking should be easy, straightforward, and hassle-free. Their credit card offerings reflect this belief by offering clear terms and conditions, no hidden fees or charges, and competitive interest rates.

But it doesn’t stop there; First Direct Credit goes above and beyond to ensure their customers feel valued and supported throughout their journey. Their dedicated customer service team provides round-the-clock assistance for any queries or concerns you may have, making sure your experience with them remains smooth sailing.

What Do First Direct Credit Cards Offer?

When it comes to credit cards, First Direct certainly knows how to make an impression. Their range of credit card offerings provides the convenience and security you would expect from a reputable bank and comes packed with enticing features that can enhance your financial flexibility.

First and foremost, one of the key benefits of a First Direct credit card is their competitive interest rates. Whether you’re looking for a low APR or prefer an introductory 0% interest rate on purchases or balance transfers, they have options tailored to suit your needs. With these attractive rates, managing your spending becomes more manageable while saving money in the process.

But that’s not all – another standout feature is their rewards program. Using your First Direct credit card for everyday expenses such as groceries or online shopping, you can earn points redeemed for various perks like cashback offers or airline miles. This straightforward system effortlessly turns your usual spending into tangible rewards.

Furthermore, keeping track of your finances has never been easier, thanks to the user-friendly mobile app provided by First Direct. From monitoring transactions in real-time to setting up alerts for payment due dates – everything necessary for responsible financial management is just a tap away.

How Does First Direct Compare to Other Providers?

When it comes to choosing a credit card provider, the options seem endless. But how does First Direct stack up against its competitors? Let’s explore.

First and foremost, one cannot overlook the outstanding customer service that has become synonymous with First Direct. Their commitment to putting their customers first is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you need assistance with your account or have questions about charges, you can rest assured knowing that their friendly team is just a phone call away.

Another area where First Direct shines is in their range of benefits and rewards. From cashback offers to travel perks, they truly go above and beyond to make their credit card holders feel valued. And let’s not forget about those enticing introductory rates on balance transfers and purchases – an attractive feature for anyone looking to save money.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference – what matters most to you as a consumer? So, take some time to evaluate your priorities before making a choice because when it comes down to it, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer here; every individual will have different requirements from their credit card provider.

Benefits of the First Direct Credit Card

Benefits of the First Direct Credit Card

The First Direct Credit Card offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for many customers. Here are some of the First Direct card key advantages:

  • Cashback Rewards: The First Direct Credit Card provides cashback rewards on eligible purchases. This means that you can earn a percentage of your spending back as cash, which can be a great way to offset some of your expenses.
  • No Annual Fee: The card does not charge an annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for cardholders. You won’t have to worry about paying a yearly fee just to keep the card active.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The First Direct Credit Card offers competitive interest rates, which can be especially beneficial if you plan to carry a balance on your card. Lower interest rates can save you money in the long run, particularly if you tend to have a revolving balance.
  • Balance Transfer and Money Transfer Options: If you have existing credit card debt, you can transfer it to the First Direct Credit Card at a lower interest rate. This can be a useful way to consolidate your debts and potentially save on interest charges. The card also allows you to do money transfers to your current account, providing flexibility in managing your finances.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: The First Direct Credit Card is widely accepted both in the UK and internationally, making it a convenient payment method for your everyday needs and when travelling abroad.
  • Contactless Payments: The card supports contactless payments, allowing you to make fast and secure transactions without having to enter your PIN for smaller amounts. This feature can save you time and streamline your shopping experience.
  • Online Account Management: With the First Direct Credit Card, you gain access to a user-friendly online portal where you can manage your account, view transactions, set up payment reminders, and more. This makes monitoring and controlling your finances hassle-free.

It is worth noting that credit cards have individual terms and conditions, so it’s essential to carefully review the specific terms and fees associated with the First Direct Credit Card. As with any financial decision, comparing credit card options and considering your circumstances before making a choice is recommended.

Drawbacks of the First Direct Credit Card

While the First Direct Credit Card offers several benefits, it is important to consider its potential drawbacks before making a decision. Here are some of the important drawbacks:

  • Limited Rewards Program: While the First Direct Credit Card does offer cashback rewards, the rewards program may be limited compared to other credit cards in the market. Some cards may provide more extensive rewards programs, such as bonus categories for higher cashback percentages or additional perks like airline miles or hotel points.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: Although the card is widely accepted internationally, it may charge foreign transaction fees for purchases made in currencies other than the British Pound. These fees can typically range from 2-3% of the transaction amount, which can add up if you frequently make purchases abroad.
  • Qualification Requirements: The First Direct Credit Card may have specific qualification criteria that need to be met, such as a minimum income requirement or a good credit score. You may not be eligible for the card if you don’t meet these requirements.
  • Potentially Higher Interest Rates: While the First Direct Credit Card does offer competitive interest rates, the actual rate you receive will depend on your creditworthiness. If you have a less-than-perfect credit score, you may end up with a higher interest rate, which can increase the cost of carrying a balance on the card.
  • Limited Introductory Offers: Some credit cards attract new customers by offering introductory promotions, such as zero-percent APR for balance transfers or purchase rewards bonuses. The First Direct Credit Card may have limited or no such introductory offers, meaning you may miss out on these temporary advantages.

Remember, these potential drawbacks should be weighed against the benefits and your individual financial needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research and compare different credit cards before choosing one that aligns with your goals.

First Direct Credit Card Eligibility

To be eligible for the First Direct Credit Card, you must meet certain criteria set by the bank. While specific eligibility requirements can change over time, here are some general factors that may affect your eligibility:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a First Direct credit card in the UK. Some credit card providers may have higher age requirements, so it’s essential to confirm the age eligibility criteria set by First Direct.
  • Residency Status: Generally, you need to be a resident of the United Kingdom to apply for the First Direct Credit Card. Non-UK residents may not be eligible for this specific card, but alternative options may be available to them.
  • Income: First Direct may require applicants to meet a minimum income requirement. This requirement is in place to ensure that you have the means to make the necessary credit card payments. The specific income threshold can vary, so it’s important to review the current requirements set by First Direct.
  • Credit History: Your credit history and credit score significantly determine your eligibility for the First Direct Credit Card. Lenders assess creditworthiness to understand the risk of lending to an individual. A good credit history increases your chances of approval, while a poor credit history may result in rejection or higher interest rates.

It’s essential to note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee approval. Other factors, such as your employment status, existing debts, and overall financial situation, may also be considered during the application process.

First Direct Credit Card Payment

First Direct Credit Card Payment

Making payments on your First Direct Credit Card is simple and can be done through various methods. Here are some common ways to make payments:

  • Online Banking: You can make payments on your First Direct Credit Card by logging into your online banking account. Once logged in, navigate to the credit card section and select the option to make a payment. You can then enter the payment amount and choose to pay from your First Direct current account or another bank account.
  • Mobile Banking App: If you have the First Direct mobile banking app, you can use it to make credit card payments. Open the app, go to the credit card section, and follow the prompts to make a payment. You can typically choose the account from which the payment will be deducted.
  • Telephone Banking: If you prefer to make payments over the phone, you can call First Direct’s telephone banking service and follow the instructions to make a credit card payment. This option is useful if you can’t access online or mobile banking or prefer to speak with a representative.
  • Standing Orders and Direct Debits: You can set up a standing order or direct debit from your First Direct current account to make regular payments towards your credit card. This option ensures that your payments are automatically made on specific dates, helping you stay on top of your credit card balance.
  • Branch or Post Office: While First Direct primarily operates as an online and telephone bank, you may also be able to make credit card payments in person at a branch or through selected Post Office branches. Contact First Direct for specific details and availability.

It is essential to make at least the minimum payment due on your First Direct Credit Card by the specified due date to avoid late fees and potential negative impacts on your credit score. Consider setting up payment reminders or scheduling recurring payments through online or mobile banking to ensure timely payments.

Always double-check the payment methods and options available by visiting the First Direct website or contacting customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit card payments.

First Direct Credit Card Interest Rate

If you’re considering a First Direct credit card, it’s crucial to comprehend the interest rates associated with it. Effective from April 24, 2023, the following rates apply for Credit Cards and Gold Cards. Please note that if your card was opened before this date, the rates might vary, as outlined in the documents you received.

Gold Card – Representative 24.9% APR Variable

  • Annual Rate – Simple Purchases: 476%
  • Cash Advances: 484%

Credit Card – Representative 24.9% APR Variable

  • Annual Rate – Simple Purchases: 476%
  • Cash Advances: 484%

For those who utilized the Classic credit card account between December 23, 2009, and September 16, 2014, the rates were as follows:

Classic Card – Typical 24.9% APR Variable

  • Annual Rate – Simple Purchases: 360%
  • Cash Advances: 360%

The simple rate is the rate used for interest calculation, equivalent to the monthly rate multiplied by 12.

It’s important to note that the above rates serve as guidelines and depend on the products available during the specified periods. The actual rate you receive might differ from the ones displayed. If you have any doubts or need clarification, we strongly advise you to contact First Direct to confirm your current interest rate.

Understanding these rates is fundamental in managing your credit card finances effectively. Stay informed and make wise financial decisions with First Direct.

Our Personal Score for First Direct Credit Card

Our Personal Score for First Direct Credit Card

Overall, the First Direct Credit Card is a reliable and competitive offering in the credit card landscape. With its cashback rewards, no annual fee, competitive interest rates, and flexible features like balance transfers, it caters well to the needs of many customers.

While it may have a few limitations, such as limited rewards and higher foreign transaction fees, its overall package makes it a strong contender in the market. Therefore, we assign a personal score of 4 out of 5, reflecting its value and suitability for a wide range of users.

Please note that this review is based on our assessment and personal opinion, and individual experiences may vary. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider your own financial circumstances before making any credit card decisions.

How Do We Calculate the First Direct Credit Card Score?

Based on the benefits and drawbacks we discussed earlier, we assign a personal score of 4 out of 5 to the First Direct Credit Card. This score is based on the overall package of benefits provided by the card, including its cashback rewards program, the absence of an annual fee, competitive interest rates, balance transfer options, worldwide acceptance, contactless payments, and online account management.

The score is also influenced by the drawbacks of the card, such as limited rewards compared to other credit cards, potential foreign transaction fees, qualification requirements, and the lack of substantial introductory offers. Despite these drawbacks, the First Direct Credit Card still offers significant value and is a competitive choice in the market.

It’s important to note that this score is our personal evaluation based on the benefits and drawbacks discussed. Each individual’s preferences and circumstances may vary, so it’s essential to consider your own needs and conduct thorough research before making any credit card decisions.

FAQ – First Direct Credit Card

FAQ - First Direct Credit Card

Is First Direct still owned by HSBC?

Yes, First Direct is still owned by HSBC. First Direct is a telephone and internet-based retail bank in the United Kingdom, and it has been a subsidiary of HSBC since its establishment in 1989. However, please keep in mind that corporate ownership can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest information from reliable sources.

Is First Direct a trusted bank?

Yes, First Direct is generally considered to be a trusted bank. It has been operating for over three decades and has built a strong reputation for its customer service and innovative banking solutions. First Direct consistently ranks highly in customer satisfaction surveys and has won numerous awards for its quality of service.

Additionally, as a subsidiary of HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, First Direct benefits from the stability and expertise of its parent company. However, it’s always advisable to do your own research and consider your personal needs and preferences before choosing a bank.

Which bank gives 7% interest on savings accounts in the UK?

First Direct is renowned for its customer-centric approach and innovative financial products. Their credit card, specifically tailored to help you save more, stands out in the competitive banking landscape. By linking this credit card to your personal savings account, you can enjoy a remarkable 7% interest rate, allowing your money to grow substantially over time.


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