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How Much is a Speed Awareness Course Cost?

Are you curious about how much is a speed awareness course costs? We’ve got all the answers you need right here! Speeding tickets can be a real hassle, but luckily there’s an alternative to paying hefty fines and getting points on your license. A speed awareness course is designed to educate drivers on the importance of safe driving practices and help them avoid further penalties.

In this blog post, we’ll explore everything from eligibility requirements to booking procedures and, of course, break down the cost of attending a speed awareness course. So, let’s buckle up and dive into the world of speed awareness courses!

What is a Speed Awareness Course?

What is a Speed Awareness Course?

A speed awareness course is a training program designed for drivers who have been caught exceeding the speed limit. Instead of receiving a fine and penalty points on their license, eligible drivers are given the opportunity to attend this educational course as an alternative. The aim of the course is to promote safer driving habits and raise awareness about the dangers of speeding.

During a speed awareness course, participants learn about various topics related to road safety, such as understanding different speed limits, recognising potential hazards on the road, maintaining appropriate distances between vehicles, and managing distractions while driving.

The courses are usually conducted by experienced instructors who use interactive teaching methods to engage participants. They may include group discussions, video presentations, case studies, and practical demonstrations. It’s important to note that these courses are not intended to be punitive but rather educational in nature.

Eligibility for a Speed Awareness Course?

To qualify for a speed awareness course, the extent by which you’ve exceeded the speed limit must meet certain thresholds in miles per hour. Below are the minimum and maximum speeds for eligibility:

Speed limit

Minimum speed Maximum speed

20 mph

24 mph 31 mph

30 mph

35 mph 42 mph

40 mph

46 mph

53 mph

50 mph 57 mph

64 mph

60 mph 68 mph

75 mph

70 mph 79 mph

86 mph

However, it’s important to note that the decision to offer a speed awareness course rests with the discretion of the police force. In instances of speeding violations, authorities retain the right to impose fines and penalty points. Typically, speeds surpassing the specified “maximum speed” threshold do not qualify for the option of a speed awareness course.

Furthermore, eligibility for a speed awareness course may be influenced by various other factors, which can differ based on the policies of your local police force.

How Do I Book a Speed Awareness Course?

How Do I Book a Speed Awareness Course - How Much is a Speed Awareness Course Cost?

To enroll in a speed awareness course, you’ll require:

  1. Your driving licence
  2. The letter issued by the police
  3. Your payment details

Once you’ve gathered these, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UK Road Offender Education (UKROEd) Website
  2. Enter the reference number and PIN provided in the course offer letter from the police
  3. Input your personal information, including name, address, email, and driving licence number
  4. Choose whether to proceed as a guest or create an account, setting up a password. This will grant you access to your account to manage personal details and course bookings.
  5. To book a course, navigate to ‘access my courses,’ where you can select between a physical or virtual course. A list of course providers will be provided.
  6. Choose a course and proceed to the provider’s website to select a suitable date and time. Options for daytime, evening, and weekend sessions are available. For in-person courses, select your preferred location.
  7. Upon payment, you should receive a confirmation email. Further details about the course, including the provider’s contact information, can be found in the ‘access my course’ section of your account. Any issues should be addressed directly with your course provider.

For participants attending a virtual speed awareness course, ensure you have:

  • Internet access with a stable connection
  • A device (computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile) equipped with a webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones
  • A fully charged battery lasting at least 3 hours or access to power
  • Access to Zoom or Microsoft Teams (browser-based use is available; downloading is optional)
  • Your driving licence
  • A quiet, disturbance-free space

How Much is a Speed Awareness Course Cost?

The price of a speed awareness course varies depending on your location, typically ranging from £80 to £100.

Below is the cost breakdown for a virtual speed awareness course in each police force area across England and Wales:

Force area Course provider Fee
Avon and Somerset TTC £88.00
Bedfordshire DriveTech £89.00
Cambridgeshire DriveTech £89.00
Cheshire Cheshire £85.00
Cleveland Hartlepool Borough Council £73.00
Cumbria TTC £88.00
Derbyshire DriveTech £89.00
Devon and Cornwall TTC £88.00
Durham Hartlepool Borough Council £73.00
Dyfed-Powys Dyfed-Powys £92.00
Essex Safer Essex Roads Partnership £90.00
Gloucestershire Driver Education Gloucestershire £85.00
Gwent TTC £88.00
Hampshire Hampshire Police £85.00
Hertfordshire Hertfordshire County Council £90.00
Humberside Safer Roads Humber £95.00
Kent Kent County Council £92.00
Lancashire Lancashire £87.00
Leicestershire Leicestershire County Council £91.00
Lincolnshire Lincolnshire County Council £90.00
London DriveTech £91.00
Manchester DriveSafe £90.00
Merseyside DriveTech £79.00
Norfolk Norfolk County Council £90.00
North Wales TTC £88.00
North Yorkshire TTC £88.00
Northamptonshire TTC £88.00
Northern Ireland DriveTech £84.00
Northumbria DriveTech £89.00
Nottinghamshire DriveTech £89.00
South Wales TTC £88.00
South Yorkshire TTC £88.00
Staffordshire Staffordshire County Council £85.00
Suffolk Suffolk County Council £90.00
Surrey DriveTech £89.00
Sussex West Sussex County Council £90.00
Thames Valley DriveTech £89.00
Warwickshire Warwickshire County Council £83.00

What Happens on a Speed Awareness Course?

What Happens on a Speed Awareness Course?

The purpose of the course is to instill a new mindset regarding the violation of speed limits. It aims to cultivate greater awareness of one’s speed and the potential consequences for fellow road users. The courses typically foster active engagement and discussion to maintain participants’ interest.

No examinations or practical driving assessments are required. Successful completion of the course is based on satisfying the trainer’s expectations, which entails actively listening and participating.

The duration of the course is generally around four hours, although this may vary depending on the location.

Most speed awareness courses, whether conducted online or in-person, typically accommodate approximately 20 participants with two instructors.

You will need to bring your driver’s license, which you will privately present to your instructor before the course begins. This also applies to virtual courses.

If you do not have your driving license, you may be requested to provide two forms of identification. Failure to bring any form of ID may result in denial of participation in the course.

The courses are usually organised by institutions such as the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) on behalf of the police.

Upon completion, the course provider will notify the police that you have successfully finished the course.

How Often Can I Take a Speed Awareness Course?

The frequency at which you can take a speed awareness course depends on the regulations of the specific jurisdiction where you received the speeding offence. In many locations, you are typically allowed to take a speed awareness course as an alternative to receiving penalty points on your license once every three years.

It’s important to note that this rule may vary, and it’s best to consult your local traffic enforcement agency or authorities for accurate information regarding the specific guidelines in your area. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on how often you can take a speed awareness course and the eligibility criteria associated with it.

Can a Speed Awareness Course Affect Your Car Insurance?

Can a Speed Awareness Course Affect Your Car Insurance?

In most cases, completing a speed awareness course should not directly impact your car insurance premium. Car insurance providers typically focus on factors such as your driving history, claims record, age, location, and the type of vehicle you drive when determining insurance rates.

However, it’s worth noting that insurance companies may take into consideration any traffic violations or points on your license when providing quotes or assessing risk. While a speed awareness course itself does not result in penalty points on your license, some insurance companies may still be interested in knowing about the offence and subsequent completion of the course.

To be certain about how a speed awareness course may affect your car insurance, it is recommended to contact your insurance provider directly and inquire about their specific policies and any potential impact on your premiums. They will be able to provide you with accurate information based on their own criteria and guidelines


In conclusion, a speed awareness course can be a beneficial alternative to receiving points on your license and paying fines for speeding violations. While the cost may vary depending on location and circumstances, it is often a more affordable option in comparison to traditional penalties.

Additionally, participating in these courses not only helps improve road safety but also provides drivers with valuable information and skills to prevent future accidents. So if given the opportunity, consider taking a speed awareness course as an investment in your driving record and overall safety on the road.


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