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How Much is Child Tax Credit a Week in the UK?

Are you a parent living in the UK? If so, you may be wondering about the financial support available to help with the costs of raising children. One such benefit is the Child Tax Credit, which provides financial assistance to eligible families. But how much is the Child Tax Credit a week in the UK? In this blog post, we will explore all the essential details about the Child Tax Credit and provide you with valuable information on who qualifies for it, how to apply, and more. So, let’s dive in and uncover everything you need to know about this vital support system!

What is Child Tax Credit?

How Much is Child Tax Credit a Week in the UK?

Child Tax Credit is a financial benefit the UK government provides to help families with the costs of raising children. It is designed to provide extra income for those who are responsible for children or young people under the age of 16 (or under 20 if they are in full-time education or training).

The amount you receive through the Child Tax Credit depends on various factors, such as your income, the number of children you have, and whether any disabilities are present within your household. This means that not all families will receive the same amount.

It’s important to note that the Child Tax Credit is separate from other benefits and does not affect eligibility for other forms of assistance. You can still claim it even if you’re working or receiving other benefits like Universal Credit.

Child Tax Credit can be paid weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. The payment is usually made directly into your bank account and can go towards covering essential expenses such as childcare costs, clothing, food, and more.

Who Gets Child Tax Credit in the UK?

Who is eligible to receive Child Tax Credit in the UK? This is an important question for many families who are looking for financial support. The good news is that Child Tax Credit is available to a wide range of people.

First and foremost, families with children under the age of 16 can apply for a Child Tax Credit. Families with children aged 16-19 who are in full-time education may also be eligible. It’s worth noting that different tax credit rates are available depending on your circumstances.

Income plays a significant role in determining eligibility for Child Tax Credit. If you have a low income, you may be entitled to higher amounts of tax credit. However, it’s important to remember that there is an income threshold beyond which you may not qualify at all.

In addition to income requirements, residency status also affects eligibility. You must usually live in the UK and have the right to reside here in order to claim Child Tax Credit.

Is Child Tax Credit the Same as Child Benefit UK?

Is Child Tax Credit the Same as Child Benefit UK

Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit are both forms of financial assistance provided to families in the United Kingdom, but they serve different purposes. While they may sound similar, it’s important to understand their distinctions.

Child Tax Credit is a means-tested benefit that provides additional income for families with dependent children. It takes into account various factors such as household income and number of children, offering financial support accordingly. The amount received can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances.

On the other hand, Child Benefit is a universal payment made to all eligible parents or guardians regardless of their income level. It is intended to help with the costs of raising a child by providing a set amount per child.

While there are similarities between these two benefits, particularly in financially supporting families, they function differently and have separate eligibility criteria.

How Much is Child Tax Credit a Week in the UK?

The amount of Child Tax Credit you may receive in the UK depends on various factors, including your income, the number of children you have, and your individual circumstances. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that Child Tax Credit is being phased out and replaced by Universal Credit.

As of April 2023, the basic elements for Child Tax Credit were:

  • For each child: Up to £3,235 per year (which equates to around £59.90 per week)
  • For each disabled child: Up to an additional £3,905 per year (around £72.31 per week)
  • For each severely disabled child: Up to an additional £1,575 per year (around £29.16 per week)

There were also additional elements available for certain circumstances, such as if you’re a single parent, have more than two children, or have childcare costs, among others.

It’s important to recognize that these rates were specific to the Child Tax Credit, and the rates under Universal Credit may differ. I recommend visiting the official government website or contacting the relevant authority for the latest rates and guidance to get the most accurate information.

How to Apply for Child Tax Credit?

how much is child tax credit a week uk

Applying for a Child Tax Credit in the UK is a straightforward process that can provide financial support to families. You’ll need to gather some important information and documents before starting your application. This includes details about your income, employment status, and any other benefits you may be receiving.

The next step is to visit the official government website or call the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) helpline to request an application form. You can also apply online through the www.gov.uk website if you prefer a digital option. Once you have the form, take your time to carefully fill it out, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

After completing your application form, submit it along with any necessary supporting documents requested by HMRC. These may include proof of identity, residency status, earnings statements, or documentation related to disabilities or childcare costs.

Once submitted, HMRC will review your application and determine if you are eligible for Child Tax Credit based on their assessment criteria. If approved, you will receive notification of your entitlement and payment arrangements.

Remember to keep all relevant paperwork organized, as ongoing reviews may be conducted periodically by HMRC to ensure continued eligibility for Child Tax Credit.


Child Tax Credit is a great way to provide financial help for families with children in the UK. It can be very beneficial, especially if you struggle to meet ends. The amount of money that you receive will depend on your total income and the number of children in your family, so it’s important to check how much you’re entitled to each week before claiming. With this information, parents can ensure their children get the best possible support from the government during these difficult times.


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