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How to Become a Teaching Assistant in the UK?

Are you enthusiastic about education and enjoy working with children? If so, becoming a teaching assistant could be your perfect career path. As a teaching assistant in the UK, you will have the opportunity to support teachers in their classrooms and positively impact young minds. But how do you get started on this rewarding journey?

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of becoming a teaching assistant in the UK, from meeting requirements to gaining experience and landing your dream job. So, let’s dive in and explore how to become a teaching assistant!

What is a Teaching Assistant?

How to Become a Teaching Assistant in the UK?

A teaching assistant, also known as a TA, is invaluable to any educational setting. They work alongside teachers to provide support and assistance in classrooms, helping to create a positive and productive learning environment for students.

One of the main roles of a teaching assistant is to offer individualized attention to students who may require extra help or guidance. This could involve working with small groups or one-on-one with students during lessons, ensuring that they understand the material being taught.

In addition to providing academic support, teaching assistants also play a crucial role in managing classroom behaviour and promoting student engagement. They assist with maintaining discipline and enforcing rules, creating a safe space where all students can thrive.

Furthermore, teaching assistants often assist with administrative tasks such as preparing materials for lessons or grading assignments. They may also contribute to planning and organizing educational activities that enhance student learning experiences.

The role of a teaching assistant is multifaceted and ever-evolving. It requires patience, flexibility, excellent communication skills, and, most importantly – a genuine passion for helping children succeed academically and emotionally.

Requirements for Teaching Assistant

To become a teaching assistant in the UK, there are certain requirements you need to meet. While specific requirements may vary depending on the school or local authority, here are some common criteria:

  • Education: Most schools require at least GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and Maths. Some may also look for qualifications in subjects like Science or IT.
  • Experience: Having experience working with children is highly beneficial. This could be through volunteering at a school, participating in youth groups, or even babysitting.
  • Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential as teaching assistants often work closely with both students and teachers. Patience, empathy, and flexibility are also important qualities to have.
  • Clearance checks: Before starting work as a teaching assistant, you’ll need to undergo clearance checks such as an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
  • Training: Some schools may prefer candidates who have completed relevant training courses like Level 2 or Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning qualifications.

It’s worth noting that while these are typical requirements, each school has its own hiring process and additional criteria they might consider. It’s always best to check with individual schools or local authorities for their specific requirements when pursuing a career as a teaching assistant.

How to Become a Teaching Assistant in the UK?

If you have a passion for education and enjoy working with children, becoming a teaching assistant in the UK can be a rewarding career choice. Teaching assistants play a crucial role in supporting teachers and helping students succeed in their educational journey. Let’s see how to become a Teaching Assistant in the UK.

Complete a College Degree

Complete a College Degree

Completing a college degree is an important step to becoming a teaching assistant in the UK. A degree showcases your knowledge and skills and provides valuable experience that can help you excel in this role.

When pursuing a college degree, choosing programs or courses related to education or childcare is beneficial. These will give you a solid foundation and specific knowledge required for working as a teaching assistant. Many universities and colleges offer courses specifically designed for aspiring teaching assistants, which can provide specialized training and practical experience.

Take advantage of any opportunities for placements or internships in educational settings during your studies. This hands-on experience will allow you to observe experienced teachers and gain firsthand knowledge of classroom dynamics. It will also allow you to develop essential skills such as behaviour management, communication, and organization.

Undertake an Internship or Apprenticeship

Undertaking an internship or apprenticeship is a great way to gain practical experience as a teaching assistant in the UK. This hands-on approach allows you to apply what you have learned in a real classroom setting, working alongside experienced professionals.

During an internship or apprenticeship, you can observe and assist teachers, helping with tasks such as lesson preparation, classroom management, and supporting individual students. This firsthand experience gives you valuable insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of a teaching assistant and allows you to develop essential skills.

Internships can be found through educational institutions, local schools, or education-related organizations. Apprenticeships are formal training programs that combine on-the-job learning with classroom instruction. These usually last for one to two years and offer a structured pathway towards becoming a qualified teaching assistant.

By undertaking an internship or apprenticeship, you enhance your knowledge and skills and demonstrate your commitment and dedication to prospective employers. It provides evidence of your ability to work effectively within an educational environment while gaining relevant experience that sets you apart from other candidates.

Completing an internship or apprenticeship is an excellent way to complement your academic qualifications by gaining practical experience in the field of education.

Get Childcare Experience

Get Childcare Experience

One of the crucial steps to becoming a teaching assistant in the UK is gaining childcare experience. This practical experience will improve your skills and make you more appealing to potential employers.

To start, consider volunteering at local schools or community centres where you can assist teachers with their daily tasks and interact with children. This will give you valuable insight into the role of a teaching assistant and help you develop essential communication and interpersonal skills.

Working as a babysitter or nanny can provide practical experience in handling children of different ages and abilities. You’ll learn how to manage behaviour, create engaging activities, and ensure the safety and well-being of the children under your care.

Another option is to join summer camps or after-school programs that focus on educational activities. These environments allow you to gain experience in facilitating learning experiences while fostering creativity and social interaction among children.

By acquiring childcare experience through volunteering or paid positions, you demonstrate your dedication to working with young learners and prove that you have what it takes to support their education journey. So get out there, immerse yourself in these opportunities, and watch your confidence grow as a future teaching assistant!

Take Up a Teaching Assistant Course

One of the most effective ways to become a teaching assistant in the UK is by taking up a teaching assistant course. These courses are designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for this role.

A teaching assistant course will cover various topics, including child development, behaviour management strategies, and supporting children with special educational needs. It will also provide practical training on classroom organization, lesson planning, and working effectively with teachers.

These courses can be completed through colleges or online platforms, allowing you flexibility in your learning journey. They usually last six months to a year, depending on the program’s intensity. During this time, you will gain a deep understanding of the education system and develop essential skills that schools highly value.

By enrolling in a teaching assistant course, you enhance your chances of securing employment and demonstrate your commitment to professional development. Employers often prefer candidates who have undertaken formal training as it shows dedication and competence in their field.

Apply for Jobs

Apply for Jobs

Applying for jobs as a teaching assistant is an exciting step towards starting your career in education. Once you have completed the necessary qualifications and gained relevant experience, it’s time to showcase your skills and enthusiasm to potential employers.

When searching for teaching assistant positions, start by exploring job boards, school websites, and educational recruitment agencies. Look out for vacancies that align with your interests and goals. Tailor your application materials – including CV/resume and cover letter – to highlight relevant experiences such as working with children or assisting in classrooms.

In your cover letter, emphasize your passion for education and explain why you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant. Use specific examples from previous roles or volunteering experiences that demonstrate your ability to support students’ learning needs.

During interviews, be prepared to answer questions about classroom management techniques, teamwork skills, and how you would handle challenging situations. Showcase your enthusiasm for supporting students’ academic progress and social development.

Remember to follow up after interviews with a thank-you email expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview. This small gesture can help leave a positive impression on potential employers.

By actively applying for teaching assistant positions and showcasing your qualifications through application materials tailored specifically to each role, you increase your chances of securing a job as a valued member of the educational community.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Teaching Assistant in the UK?

how to become a teaching assistant

In the UK, becoming a Teaching Assistant typically takes around 5 to 6 months after completing a college degree. This process involves obtaining a Level 2 qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning, which can be acquired through various routes such as college courses or apprenticeships.

While having relevant experience and pursuing higher-level qualifications can enhance your prospects, they are not always necessary. Once you have the required qualifications, you can start applying for Teaching Assistant positions. The duration of securing a job can vary depending on factors such as the availability of vacancies and competition in your area.


Becoming a teaching assistant in the UK can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of success in this field and positively impact students’ lives. Remember to continuously improve your skills and knowledge through training and experience and show dedication and passion for education. With determination, hard work, and patience, you, too, can become an excellent teaching assistant in the UK. Good luck on your journey!


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