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How to Get a Costco Membership in the UK?

Welcome to the world of warehouse shopping, where savings are supersized and bargains abound! If you’re searching for incredible deals and bulk-buying bliss, look no further than Costco. This retail giant is a shopper’s paradise with its vast selection of products ranging from groceries to electronics, furniture to clothing. But how can you gain access to this treasure trove? Fear not, dear reader!

In this blog post, we will unravel the secrets behind getting your very own Costco membership in the UK. So buckle up and get ready for some insider tips that will have you filling your cart with unbeatable savings in no time!

What is Costco?

How to Get a Costco Membership in the UK?

Costco is not your average retail store. It’s a membership-based warehouse club that offers its customers access to an extensive range of products at wholesale prices. With over 800 locations worldwide, including several branches in the UK, Costco has gained popularity for its unbeatable deals and value-for-money offerings.

One of the distinguishing features of Costco is its unique business model. Unlike traditional retailers, Costco operates on a membership-only basis. This means that in order to shop at their stores and take advantage of their incredible discounts, you need to become a member.

But what sets Costco apart from other warehouse clubs? Well, quality and quantity are key factors. The company prides itself on providing high-quality products in bulk quantities. From household essentials to luxury goods, you can find almost everything under one roof at Costco.

In addition to the vast selection of merchandise available, Costco also offers additional services such as travel packages, insurance plans, optical services, and even discounted gas stations at some locations. These perks make being a member even more enticing.

Benefits of Having a Costco Membership

When it comes to shopping, having a Costco membership in the UK can bring you numerous benefits. Whether you are stocking up on groceries for your family or looking for great deals on electronics and household items, being a member at Costco opens up a world of savings.

One of the biggest advantages of having a Costco membership is access to their vast selection of products at wholesale prices. From fresh produce to clothing and furniture, you can find everything you need under one roof. Plus, with their Kirkland Signature brand offering high-quality products at even lower prices, you can save even more.

Another benefit is the exclusive discounts and offers available only to members. You’ll have access to monthly coupon books that feature additional savings on top of already low prices. These coupons cover various categories, such as electronics, home appliances, and even travel packages.

Costco membership also grants you entry into their gas stations, where fuel is often cheaper than other petrol stations.

Becoming a Costco member provides significant cost savings and convenience by allowing you to shop for all your needs in one place. So why wait? Sign up for your membership today!

Eligibility Criteria for a Costco Membership in the UK

Eligibility Criteria for a Costco Membership in the UK

To become a member of Costco in the UK, there are certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet. First and foremost, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for membership. This ensures that only adults can avail themselves of the benefits offered by Costco.

Additionally, you must also qualify under one of their membership categories. There are two main types of memberships available: Trade and Individual. The Trade membership is intended for business owners or managers who require access to bulk purchasing options for their company. On the other hand, an Individual membership is open to anyone who wants access to great deals on a wide range of products.

To complete your application process, you will need to provide proof of identity and address within the UK. This can be done through documents such as a valid UK passport or driving license along with a recent utility bill or bank statement.

By ensuring these eligibility criteria are met, you can unlock all the amazing benefits that come with being a Costco member in the UK!

Different Types of Memberships Available

Costco offers different types of memberships to cater to its customers’ varying needs and preferences in the UK. Each membership type comes with its own set of benefits and features.

  1. Individual Executive Membership

Annual Membership Fee: £74.40 (£62 ex VAT)

As an Individual Executive member, you’ll enjoy a premium shopping experience at Costco UK. This membership offers exclusive benefits, including access to our extra services and a 2% annual reward on eligible purchases.

  1. Trade Executive Membership Card

Annual Membership Fee: £67.20 (£56 ex VAT)

Designed for business professionals and traders, the Trade Executive membership provides you with the tools to optimize your shopping experience. Enjoy the same fantastic benefits as the Individual Executive membership, tailored to your business needs.

  1. Individual Membership Card

Annual Membership Fee: £33.60 (£28 ex VAT)

Individual Membership Card offers affordability without sacrificing value. You’ll have access to all of Costco’s products and services, making it an excellent choice for individuals or small families looking for fantastic deals on everyday essentials.

  1. Trade Membership Card

Annual Membership Fee: £26.40 (£22 ex VAT)

Tailored for businesses and trade professionals, the Trade Membership Card grants you access to their vast selection of products and services at competitive prices. Unlock the potential for significant savings on bulk purchases.

  1. Online Only Shopping Card

Annual Subscription: £15 (£12.50 ex VAT)

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, their Online Only Shopping Card provides access to exclusive online deals and Costco’s renowned quality. No qualification is necessary, making it a hassle-free choice.

How to Get a Costco Membership in the UK?

How to Get a Costco Membership in the UK

To get a Costco membership in the UK, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Costco website: Go to the Costco UK website (www.costco.co.uk) and click on the “Join Now” button located on the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose your membership type: Two types of membership are available – Trade Membership and Individual Membership. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Provide your personal information: Fill out the online form with your personal details, including your name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Select your preferred payment method: Costco accepts debit cards, Visa credit cards, and cash cards as payment methods for membership fees. Choose your preferred option.
  • Agree to the membership terms and conditions: Read and accept the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.
  • Complete the payment: Make the payment for the membership fee online. The current annual membership fee for individual members is like we mentioned above.
  • Receive your membership card: Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 7-10 working days, you’ll receive your membership card in the mail.
  • Start enjoying the benefits: With your Costco membership card, you can now shop at any Costco warehouse in the UK and take advantage of their wide range of products, bulk discounts, and exclusive deals.

Remember to bring your membership card with you every time you visit Costco, as it is required for entry into the warehouse.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, you can contact Costco’s customer service directly through their website or by calling their helpline.

How Many Guests Can I Bring to Costco in the UK?

How Many Guests Can I Bring to Costco in the UK

One of the great perks of having a Costco membership in the UK is the ability to bring guests with you when you shop. Having someone along for the ride is always more fun, right? At Costco UK, you can bring up to two guests per membership card each time you visit.

Having a couple of extra sets of eyes and hands can be really helpful when navigating through those big warehouse aisles. Plus, having someone to share those amazing deals and bulk purchases with is nice!

When bringing guests, it’s important to remember that they won’t be able to make purchases on their own – only the primary member has that privilege. But don’t worry; your friends or family members can still enjoy all the benefits and discounts available at Costco while shopping alongside you.

Just imagine how much easier it will be with an extra pair of hands to help load up your car after stocking up on groceries or household items. So go ahead and invite some friends or family members along on your next trip to Costco UK – they’ll thank you for it!

Can I Buy in Costco UK Without Membership?

Non-members are indeed able to make purchases at Costco UK without a membership. However, there are some limitations and additional fees involved. While members enjoy discounted prices and exclusive benefits, non-members are subject to a surcharge when shopping at Costco UK. This surcharge varies depending on the type of product purchased, but it typically ranges from 5% to 15% of the purchase price. So, while you can buy from Costco UK without a membership, an extra cost will be associated with your purchase.

Can NHS Get a Costco Membership?

Can NHS Get a Costco Membership?


As a healthcare system highly regarded worldwide, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) plays a pivotal role in providing essential medical services to its citizens. With its reputation for excellence and dedication to serving the community, it’s natural to wonder if NHS employees are eligible for a Costco membership.

The good news is that NHS employees can get a Costco membership! Costco recognizes the hard work and commitment of those who work in healthcare and offers special membership options specifically tailored for them.

To become a member as an NHS employee, you will need to provide proof of employment by submitting your payslip or staff ID card along with your application. This ensures that only eligible individuals can take advantage of these exclusive offerings.

Once approved, NHS members enjoy all the benefits associated with being part of the Costco family. From access to their vast range of high-quality products at wholesale prices to unique discounts and promotions, having a Costco membership opens up doors to incredible savings on everyday essentials as well as luxury items.


In conclusion, obtaining a Costco membership in the UK is a simple and worthwhile process. With access to quality products at discounted prices and additional benefits such as their travel services, it’s clear that becoming a member has its perks. By following our guide and tips, you can easily join the millions of satisfied Costco members in the UK and start enjoying all that this popular warehouse club has to offer. Don’t wait any longer – sign up for your membership today!


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