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How to Pay Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

Welcome to the bustling world of Heathrow Airport, where millions of travellers embark on exciting journeys every year. But before you can jet off to your destination, there’s one thing you need to know – How to Pay Heathrow Drop-off Charge! Yes, even dropping someone off at this renowned airport comes with a price tag.

But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about how to pay Heathrow Drop-off Charge and ensure that your journey starts off on the right foot (or wheel!). So fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to pay this unavoidable fee hassle-free!

What is the Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

The Heathrow Drop-off Charge refers to the fee imposed on vehicles that drop off passengers at designated drop-off points within the Heathrow Airport premises. The charge was introduced to discourage private vehicles from congesting the drop-off areas and to promote more sustainable modes of transportation.

As of now, the specific details regarding the Heathrow Drop-off Charge, including the amount and payment methods, may have changed since my last update. It is advisable to refer to the official Heathrow Airport website or contact their customer service directly. They will provide the most reliable and relevant information regarding the charge, any exemptions, and payment procedures.

How to Pay Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

How to Pay Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, catering to millions of passengers each year. With such high traffic, managing drop-offs can be a challenge. That’s why Heathrow has implemented a Drop-off Charge to help regulate congestion and improve passenger flow. Here are the ways to pay:

1. Payment Options: Pay in advance (valid for 12 months), on the same day, or until midnight on the day of your trip

2. Ways to Pay:

  • Online: Pay instantly for one drop-off or pre-pay for multiple drop-offs
  • Via Autopay: Set up automatic payment for each visit, including single or multiple drop-offs, and access previous trips
  • By Phone: Call 0330 008 5600 to pay for single or multiple drop-offs

3. Payment Restrictions:

  • Payment cannot be made at airport ticket machines or in the terminal drop-off zone
  • Cash payments are not accepted

Pay the Heathrow Drop-off Charge Automatically

When caught up in the rush of your next task, it’s easy to overlook the drop-off payment at Heathrow Airport. Unlike traditional toll booths, there’s no physical barrier at the exit to prompt you. The process is entirely automated through Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. To sidestep potential fines, setting up an AutoPay account can be immensely convenient. This can be easily accomplished by accessing the Heathrow Airport AutoPay Portal.

Should you neglect to settle the drop-off charge promptly, you risk facing a fine of £80. However, if you make the payment within 14 days, the penalty charge notice reduces to £40. It’s essential to stay vigilant to avoid unnecessary penalties and ensure a smooth experience at the airport.

How Much Does It Cost to Drop-off at Heathrow Airport?

How Much Does It Cost to Drop-off at Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, has implemented a drop-off charge to manage traffic congestion and encourage sustainable modes of transport. But what exactly does it cost to drop off passengers at this international hub?

  1. Drop-off Charges at Heathrow Airport: Heathrow Airport imposes a £5 fee for dropping off passengers, in alignment with similar charges at Gatwick and Manchester airports.
  2. Continuous Application: This charge is applicable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of the time or day of the week.
  3. Payment Methods: Payment for drop-offs can be made for individual instances or in advance for multiple drop-offs via phone or online platforms.
  4. Payment Frequency: If you re-enter the drop-off zone after paying for a single drop-off, the £5 fee must be paid again, irrespective of the elapsed time.
  5. Payment Deadline and Exemptions: Payment for the drop-off charge must be settled by midnight the day following the visit. However, holders of Blue Badge cards can apply online for a 100% discount, thereby availing themselves of free drop-off services.

Can I Get Exempt From Paying the Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

Yes, it is possible to be exempt from paying the Heathrow drop-off charge under certain circumstances. Here are a few common exemptions:

  1. Blue Badge holders: If you hold a valid Blue Badge for disabled parking, you are typically exempt from the drop-off charge. However, it’s important to check the specific guidelines and regulations set by Heathrow Airport to confirm eligibility.
  2. Public transportation users: Passengers who arrive or depart from Heathrow using public transportation, such as buses, coaches, trains, or the Heathrow Express, are generally exempt from the drop-off charge. This exemption encourages the use of sustainable modes of transport.
  3. Official airport vehicles: Authorised vehicles that are on official airport business, such as emergency services, airport operational vehicles, and security vehicles, are usually exempt from the drop-off charge.

Which Terminals Does the Heathrow Drop-off Charge Apply to?

The Heathrow Drop-off Charge is a fee that applies to vehicles dropping off passengers at any of the terminals at Heathrow Airport, including Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4, and Terminal 5. This charge has been implemented consistently across all terminals as a means to efficiently manage traffic flow and promote sustainable transportation alternatives.

Irrespective of the terminal you are using for drop-off, it is essential to be well-informed about the drop-off charge, any potential exemptions, and the payment procedures in place. Familiarising yourself with these details beforehand will help ensure a smooth drop-off experience and avoid any unexpected fees.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Heathrow Drop-off Charge, as well as any specific guidelines or changes, it is highly recommended to refer to the official Heathrow Airport website or directly contact their customer service. Their dedicated resources will provide the most reliable information, making your journey through Heathrow Airport as seamless as possible.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay the Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

What Happens if I Don’t Pay the Heathrow Drop-off Charge?

If the parking charge is not paid promptly, you’ll receive a £80 fine, known as a PCN (Parking Charge Notice), at the Heathrow drop-off zone. However, you have the option to reduce it to £40 by paying within 14 days.

It’s crucial to promptly address any PCN issued, especially when driving a PCO rental car. Failure to pay each fee may result in additional charges for each traffic offence, emphasising the importance of timely payment to avoid accumulating penalties.


Paying the Heathrow drop-off charge can be a simple and hassle-free process if you follow these steps. Remember to plan your journey accordingly and have the necessary payment methods ready before arriving at the airport.

By doing so, you can save time and avoid unnecessary stress. The drop-off charge may seem like an inconvenience, but it helps regulate traffic flow and maintain safety for all passengers at Heathrow Airport. So let’s do our part in keeping things running smoothly by following these guidelines when paying for the drop-off charge.


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