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Metro Bank Review

Welcome to our Metro Bank review! If you’re a business owner needing reliable and efficient banking services, this article is for you. In today’s competitive market, having a trusted financial partner can make all the difference in managing your finances effectively. That’s where Metro Bank comes in.

Known for its customer-centric approach and innovative solutions, Metro Bank has been serving businesses across the UK since 2010. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into their range of business banking services, explore the key features that set them apart from other banks, weigh the pros and cons, and provide valuable insights into their business account options. So, let’s dive in and discover how Metro Bank can help take your business to new heights!

Metro Bank Review

Metro Bank Review

Regarding business banking, Metro Bank stands out as a reliable choice. Their customer-centric approach and innovative solutions have served businesses across the UK since 2010. Let’s explore what sets them apart from other banks and why they are worth considering for your business needs.

Business Banking Services

Metro Bank offers a range of comprehensive business banking services to cater to the unique needs of businesses. Metro Bank provides various solutions for your financial requirements, from current and savings accounts to overdrafts and business finance options. With their user-friendly online platform and dedicated customer support, managing your business finances has always been challenging.

Current Accounts

A Metro Bank current account offers a range of benefits for businesses. With no monthly fees, free electronic payments, and 24/7 access to online banking, managing your day-to-day finances has always been challenging. Enjoy the convenience of a debit card and the ability to make cash deposits at any Metro Bank branch. Stay on top of your transactions with real-time alerts and easily view your statements online.

Savings Accounts

Metro Savings Accounts

Metro Bank offers a range of savings accounts tailored to meet the needs of businesses. These accounts allow you to earn interest on your deposits, helping your funds grow. With competitive rates and flexible terms, Metro Bank’s savings accounts provide a safe and secure way to save for future business expenses or unexpected costs. Start saving with Metro Bank today!


Overdrafts can be a useful tool for businesses to manage their cash flow. Metro Bank offers flexible overdraft options that allow you to borrow money up to an agreed limit, allowing you to cover unexpected expenses or bridge gaps in your finances. It’s important to understand the terms and fees associated with overdrafts before using them, but having this option available can provide peace of mind and financial flexibility for your business.

Business Finance and Loans

Metro Bank offers a range of financial solutions to help businesses meet their financing needs. Whether you need funds for expansion, purchasing equipment, or managing cash flow, Metro Bank provides flexible business loans tailored to your requirements. With competitive interest rates and straightforward application processes, you can access the capital you need to drive your business forward.

Key Features of Metro Bank

Key Features of Metro Bank

  • Convenient Opening Hours: Metro Bank is known for its extended opening hours, making it easier for business owners to manage their banking needs outside traditional working hours.
  • Local Presence: With branches in key cities across the UK, Metro Bank provides easy accessibility and personalized customer service to local businesses.
  • Online Banking Platform: The bank offers a user-friendly online platform that allows businesses to manage their accounts, make payments, and access financial information anytime, anywhere.
  • Free Debit Card: Business customers receive a free Mastercard debit card with their account, enabling them to make purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
  • No Monthly Fees: Unlike many other banks, Metro Bank does not charge monthly fees on its business accounts, helping small businesses save on banking costs.
  • Cash Handling Services: Businesses dealing with cash transactions can use Metro Bank’s specialized cash handling services, including coin counting machines and night-safe facilities.
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers: Every business customer is assigned a dedicated relationship manager who provides personalized advice and support tailored to their needs.
  • Business Toolkit: Metro Bank offers an extensive range of tools and resources designed to help businesses succeed, including guides on business planning, financing options, and managing cash flow effectively.
  • Quick Account Opening Process: Setting up a business account with Metro Bank is quick and straightforward, thanks to the efficient application process that minimizes paperwork hassles.

Pros of Metro Bank

  • Convenient opening hours, including weekends and bank holidays
  • No monthly fees on current accounts for businesses
  • Easy-to-use online banking platform with a mobile app
  • Dedicated business support team is available 24/7
  • Free cash deposits up to £5,000 per month

Cons of Metro Bank

  • Limited branch network primarily in the South-East of England
  • Charges for certain services, such as international payments
  • Overdraft rates can be higher compared to other banks
  • Several consumers have criticised customer care response times

Customer Reviews

Metro Customer Reviews

Many customers have praised the Metro Bank Business Account’s excellent customer service and user-friendly online banking platform. Users have also commented on the competitive interest rates offered by the bank’s savings accounts. Customers appear satisfied with their experience with Metro Bank’s business account services.

How to Apply?

You can start by visiting their website or contacting their customer service team. Gather all the necessary documents and information, such as your business details, identification documents, financial statements, and other relevant paperwork. Please complete the application form accurately and submit it with the required documentation. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified about the status of your account opening.


Metro Bank is a solid option for businesses in need of banking services. With a range of current accounts, savings accounts, overdrafts, and business finance options, they cater to the diverse needs of different businesses.

One of the key features that sets Metro Bank apart is its commitment to providing excellent customer service. Their extended opening hours and friendly staff make it convenient for busy entrepreneurs to manage their finances effectively.

While there are some limitations, such as the limited number of branches compared to other banks and higher fees for certain transactions or services, these downsides are outweighed by the benefits offered by Metro Bank.

Remember to do thorough research and read reviews from other customers who have used Metro Bank’s business banking services. This will give you additional insights into their experiences and help inform your choice.

To apply for a Metro Bank Business Account, visit their website or contact them directly via phone or email. They will assist you with the application process and respond to your inquiries.

Make an informed decision when choosing your business banking provider. After all, it plays a crucial role in managing your financial affairs efficiently so that you can focus on growing your business successfully!


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