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Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds Interest Rate

Investing your money wisely is always a smart move, especially in today’s uncertain financial climate. If you’re looking for a secure and reliable option to grow your savings, then Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds might just be the answer you’ve been searching for! These bonds offer competitive interest rates and provide peace of mind, knowing that your hard-earned money is in safe hands.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds – what they are, how they work, who can apply, and much more. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of fixed rate bonds with Skipton Building Society!

What Are Fixed Rate Bonds?

What Are Fixed Rate Bonds?

Fixed rate bonds are a popular investment option for individuals looking to earn stable returns on their savings. But what exactly are fixed rate bonds? Well, think of them as a type of financial product where you lend money to an institution, such as a bank or building society, for a fixed period of time in exchange for regular interest payments.

Unlike variable-rate bonds or savings accounts, which have interest rates that can fluctuate over time, fixed-rate bonds offer the advantage of providing a guaranteed interest rate for the duration of the bond term. This means that regardless of any changes in the wider economic climate or fluctuations in interest rates, your returns remain steady and predictable.

The key characteristic that sets fixed rate bonds apart is their term length. These bonds typically have predetermined terms ranging from one year up to several years. During this period, your funds are locked away with limited access until maturity – meaning you won’t be able to withdraw your money before the agreed-upon timeframe without penalty.

One important thing to note about fixed rate bonds is that they are considered low-risk investments. Since they come with guaranteed returns and capital protection (assuming you hold until maturity), they provide a level of security that appeals to many investors seeking stability and reliable income generation.

What Are Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds?

Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds are a popular financial product offered by Skipton Building Society. These fixed rate bonds provide people with the opportunity to earn a fixed rate of interest on their savings for a certain period. Unlike variable-rate bonds, where the interest rate can fluctuate, fixed-rate bonds offer stability and predictability.

When you invest in Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds, you agree to lock your money away for a predetermined length of time, typically ranging from one to five years. During this period, your money will accrue interest at the agreed-upon fixed rate. This means that regardless of any changes in market conditions or fluctuations in interest rates, your return remains constant.

Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds provide individuals with a secure and reliable way to grow their savings over a fixed period of time. With competitive interest rates and an easy application process, these bonds are worth considering as part of your overall financial strategy.

How Do Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds Work?

Skipton Building Society offers Fixed Rate Bonds as a secure and rewarding way to grow your savings. Here’s a brief guide on how these bonds work:

  1. Deposit Your Money: To initiate a Fixed Rate Bond with Skipton, you’ll need a minimum initial deposit of £1,000. This sets the foundation for your investment journey.
  2. Choose a Term: Flexibility is key. You have the liberty to select the term length that aligns with your financial goals. Whether short or long-term, you decide how long your money stays locked away.
  3. Earn Interest: Interest accrues on your deposit throughout the term. Generally paid annually, though some options may provide monthly payouts. This adds an extra layer of financial gain as your money continues to work for you.
  4. Account Matures: Upon reaching the end of the agreed term, you’ll receive your original deposit along with any accrued interest. It’s a straightforward and predictable process that rewards your patience and commitment.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Limited Access: Once you’ve made your deposit, access to your funds is restricted until the end of the term. This feature ensures the stability of your investment but requires careful consideration of your liquidity needs.
  • Early Withdrawal Penalties: Unexpected circumstances may arise, but withdrawing your money before the bond matures could result in penalties. It’s essential to plan for the agreed-upon term to maximize the benefits.
  • Gross Interest: Skipton Building Society pays all gross savings interest, meaning the responsibility of settling any tax obligations falls on the account holder. Understanding the tax implications ensures transparency in your financial transactions.
  • Maturity Options: Upon maturity, you have the freedom to decide whether to withdraw your funds or reinvest them in a new Fixed Rate Bond. This choice provides a seamless transition, allowing you to adapt your investment strategy to the prevailing market conditions.

Who Can Apply for Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds?

Who Can Apply for Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds?

To benefit from the stability and returns offered by Skipton Building Society’s Fixed Rate Bonds, potential investors must adhere to specific eligibility criteria. These criteria are designed to ensure that applicants are financially responsible and well-informed about the commitment they are entering into.

General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age Requirement: To apply for Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds, individuals must be 18 years or older. This ensures that applicants are legally capable of entering into a financial agreement.
  • UK Residency: Skipton Building Society restricts applications to UK residents only. Non-UK residents are not eligible for Fixed Rate Bonds.
  • Electoral Roll Registration: Being on the electoral roll is a prerequisite for application. This serves as a means for Skipton to verify the applicant’s identity and address, enhancing the security of the financial transaction.

Specific Criteria for Fixed Rate Bonds:

  • Minimum Investment: Applicants must have a lump sum of at least £1,000 to open a Fixed Rate Bond. This minimum investment amount ensures that investors are committed to a significant sum, aligning with the nature of fixed-term investments.
  • Limited Cash Flow Needs: Since access to funds is restricted during the term of the Fixed Rate Bond, applicants should have sufficient readily available funds for other expenses. It’s crucial for investors to evaluate their cash flow needs before committing to a Fixed Rate Bond.
  • Understanding Terms and Conditions: Prospective investors should thoroughly read and comprehend the terms and conditions associated with the Fixed Rate Bond before submitting an application. This includes understanding the fixed term, interest rate, and any penalties or restrictions for early withdrawal.

By meeting these eligibility criteria, applicants demonstrate their financial preparedness and understanding of the commitment involved in a Fixed Rate Bond with Skipton Building Society.

How Do You Apply for Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds?

Skipton Building Society offers individuals the opportunity to secure their savings through Fixed Rate Bonds, providing a reliable and structured approach to financial planning. If you’re interested in applying for a Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond, you can do so through various convenient channels. Here’s a guide on how to initiate the Skipton Building Society Fixed rate bond application process:

Online Application:

  • Visit the Skipton Building Society Website: Access the official Skipton Building Society website by navigating to https://www.skipton.co.uk/savings/fixed-rate-bonds.
  • Select Your Preferred Fixed Rate Bond: Explore the available Fixed Rate Bond options and choose the one that aligns with your savings goals.
  • Click on “Apply Now”: Locate the “Apply Now” button associated with your chosen Fixed Rate Bond and click on it to commence the online application.
  • Complete the Online Application Form: Fill out the required information in the online application form, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit Your Application: Review your details, then submit your application electronically through the website.

Phone Application:

  • Call Skipton Building Society: Dial the Skipton Building Society contact number at 0345 608 0783 to connect with their customer service team.
  • Express Your Interest: Inform the customer service representative that you intend to apply for a Fixed Rate Bond.
  • Provide Personal Details: Furnish the necessary personal details and any additional information as requested by the representative.
  • Confirm Your Application: Verify the accuracy of the provided information and confirm your intention to proceed with the application.

In-Branch Application:

  • Visit a Local Skipton Building Society Branch: Locate and visit your nearby Skipton Building Society branch to apply for a Fixed Rate Bond in person.
  • Consult with Staff: Speak to a knowledgeable staff member who will guide you through the application process.
  • Receive and Complete Application Form: Obtain an application form from the staff and get assistance in completing it with the required information.
  • Submit Your Application: Hand in your completed application form along with any necessary supporting documentation to finalize the process.

Regardless of the method chosen, applying for a Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to secure your savings with confidence. Choose the application option that best suits your preferences and embark on a journey towards financial stability.

What Is Skipton Building Society’s Fixed Rate Bond Interest Rate?

What Is Skipton Building Society's Fixed Rate Bond Interest Rate?

Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds offer competitive interest rates for savers looking to secure their money over a fixed period. These bonds provide stability and peace of mind, ensuring that your funds will grow steadily over time.

The interest rate on Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds can vary depending on the term you choose. For example, if you opt for a one-year bond, the current interest rate may be different compared to a five-year bond.

Term Gross Interest Rate (AER)
1 Year Fixed Rate Bond 5.00%
2 Year Fixed Rate Bond 4.80%
3 Year Fixed Rate Bond 4.50%
5 Year Fixed Rate Bond 4.50%

What Happens When Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds Mature?

When your Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond reaches maturity, a series of crucial steps come into play to manage your investment effectively.

  1. Interest Payment: Upon maturity, you will receive your final interest payment. This sum is calculated based on the remaining balance in your account and the interest rate applicable to your fixed-term bond.
  2. Maturity Options: After your bond matures, you are presented with a range of choices for handling your matured funds:
  • Automatic Renewal: If you take no action, your funds will automatically roll over into a new Fixed Rate Bond with a term similar to the previous one.
  • Withdraw Funds: Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw your original deposit along with the accrued interest.
  • Transfer Funds: For greater flexibility, you may opt to transfer your funds to another Skipton Building Society account or even to an account with another financial institution.
  1. Making Your Choice: To enact your preferred option, it is imperative to inform the Skipton Building Society before the maturity date. This can be done conveniently through various channels such as online banking, the mobile app, over the phone, or by visiting a Skipton branch in person.
  2. No Access During Term: It’s essential to note that throughout the fixed term, typically ranging from a few months to several years, you cannot access or withdraw funds from your Fixed Rate Bond. Exceptions to this rule may include specific circumstances such as death, terminal illness, or bankruptcy.

Understanding these processes ensures a smooth transition when your Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond matures, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your financial portfolio.


Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds are a great option for those looking to earn a competitive interest rate on their savings. With these bonds, you can enjoy the security of a fixed rate for a set period of time, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly what return you will receive.

Applying for Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds is easy and convenient. Whether you choose to apply online, over the phone, or in-branch, the process is simple and straightforward. Just make sure to have all your necessary documents ready and follow the instructions provided by Skipton Building Society.

One key factor that sets Skipton Building Society apart from other financial institutions is its attractive interest rates. By offering competitive rates on their fixed-rate bonds, they ensure that savers can maximize their returns without taking unnecessary risks.

When it comes time for your Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond to mature, you have several options available to you. You can choose to reinvest your funds into another bond or transfer them into another type of savings account offered by Skipton Building Society. Alternatively, if needed, you can withdraw your funds altogether.

FAQ – Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds

FAQ - Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds

What is the rate of Skipton 1 year bond?

The Skipton Building Society 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond Issue 234 currently offers a fixed interest rate of 5.00% gross per annum/AER throughout its entire 1-year term.

Key details for the Skipton 1-Year Fixed Rate Bond include:

  • Minimum deposit: £500
  • Interest payment options: Choose between annual or monthly payments
  • Early withdrawal penalty: A penalty is applicable if you withdraw funds before the maturity date.
  • Tax implications: You are responsible for paying any applicable income tax on your earned interest.
  • Maturity options: At the end of the term, you can opt to withdraw your funds, reinvest in a new Fixed Rate Bond, or transfer them to another account.

Can I close Skipton Building Society fixed rate bonds early?

Regrettably, it is not possible to prematurely terminate the majority of Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds without facing a fee. This is due to the fact that these bonds are structured to secure your interest rate for a designated period. Should you choose to close the account before its set term, Skipton Building Society will experience a loss in potential interest earnings.

Nevertheless, there are specific circumstances in which you might be able to close your Fixed Rate Bond early without incurring a penalty:

  • Death: In the unfortunate event of the account holder’s demise, the bond can be closed without penalty.
  • Terminal illness: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, there may be an option to close your bond early without facing a penalty.
  • Bankruptcy: Declaration of bankruptcy may allow for the early closure of your bond without incurring a penalty.

It’s crucial to recognize that these exceptions are limited, and it’s advisable to verify with Skipton Building Society to confirm your eligibility for penalty-free early closure.

Do I have to pay tax on a Skipton building society fixed rate bond?

Yes, you do have to pay tax on a Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond, but it depends on your individual circumstances.

Here’s how it works:

  • Skipton Building Society pays all savings interest gross. This means that they don’t deduct any income tax before paying you.
  • You are responsible for paying any applicable income tax on your interest earnings. This includes income tax, National Insurance, and any other relevant taxes.
  • The amount of tax you pay will depend on your individual tax rate. This is based on your total income from all sources.

How much is 5-year Skipton building society fixed rate bonds?

The Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bond, with a duration of 5 years, currently provides a fixed gross interest rate of 4.50% per annum, corresponding to an Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) of 4.50%. This interest rate remains constant throughout the entire 5-year period.

It’s crucial to be aware that the interest is paid gross, necessitating your responsibility for any applicable income tax on the interest earned.

Key details at a glance:

  • Term: 5 years
  • Interest rate: 4.50% gross per annum/AER
  • Minimum deposit: £500
  • Interest payment frequency: Annual
  • Early withdrawal penalty: Yes
  • Tax implications: You are obligated to pay any relevant income tax on your interest earnings.


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