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Tesco Car Insurance Review

Are you searching for reliable car insurance that provides comprehensive coverage at a competitive price? Look no further than Tesco Car Insurance. With its range of policies tailored to suit different driver profiles, Tesco offers options for both experienced and young drivers. 

This blog post will provide a detailed review of Tesco Car Insurance, highlighting its policy features, underwriters, claim process and customer feedback. So buckle up and read on to determine if Tesco fits your car insurance needs!

Tesco Car Insurance 

Tesco Car Insurance Review

Tesco Car Insurance offers a range of policies to cater to different driver profiles. From their standard car insurance for drivers over 21 to box insurance designed for drivers aged 17-35, Tesco provides options that suit various needs and budgets.

Standard Car Insurance for Drivers Over 21

Tesco Car Insurance offers a standard policy for drivers over 21. This coverage includes protection against theft, damage, and accidents. It also covers legal expenses and a courtesy car if your vehicle is being repaired. Get the peace of mind you need on the road with Tesco Car Insurance!

Box Insurance for Drivers Aged 17-35

Box Insurance is a unique car insurance policy offered by Tesco specifically designed for drivers aged 17-35. It uses telematics technology to monitor driving behaviour and rewards safe driving with lower premiums. This can be a great option for young drivers looking to save money on their car insurance.

Underwriters of Tesco Car Insurance

Tesco Car Insurance works with a panel of underwriters to provide coverage to its customers. These underwriters are reputable and well-established insurance companies, ensuring that policyholders have confidence in their car insurance coverage’s financial stability and reliability.

Comparing Tesco Car Insurance Policies

Comparing Tesco Car Insurance Policies

Regarding car insurance, Tesco offers a range of policies to suit different needs. By comparing their options, You can choose the coverage that most closely matches your needs and price range.

Coverage Details of Tesco Car Insurance

Tesco Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, protecting you against accidents, theft, and damage. Their policies also include legal protection and personal injury coverage. Reviewing the terms and conditions to ensure you have the right level of coverage for your needs is crucial.

Understanding the Policy Coverage

Understanding the Policy Coverage is crucial when choosing car insurance. Tesco Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage, including liability, collision, and theft protection. It’s important to review the policy details to ensure you have the right level of coverage for your needs.

Excess Amount in Tesco Car Insurance

Excess Amount in Tesco Car Insurance

Understanding the Excess Amount in Tesco Car Insurance is crucial. It refers to the fixed amount you must pay towards any claim. The more your excess, the lower your premium. However, be mindful that if you make a claim, you must pay this upfront before receiving any payout from Tesco Car Insurance.

Making a Claim with Tesco Car Insurance

Claiming with Tesco Car Insurance is a straightforward process. Contact their claims helpline and provide all necessary details about the incident. Tesco aims to resolve claims quickly and efficiently, ensuring you receive the support you need during a stressful time.

Customer Reviews of Tesco Car Insurance

Many customers have praised the affordability and ease of purchasing a policy from Tesco. However, some have expressed dissatisfaction with the claims process and customer service. It’s important to consider these reviews when deciding on Tesco car insurance. 

When considering a car insurance review, trustworthiness is crucial. Tesco Car Insurance policies are underwritten by a panel of insurers, including Ageas, AXA, and Aviva car insurance – all reputable names in the industry. This ensures reliability and peace of mind for policyholders.

Pros – Tesco Car Insurance

Pros - Tesco Car Insurance

  1. One of the advantages of Tesco Car Insurance is its range of coverage options, including standard and box insurance
  2. Additionally, their underwriters are well-established companies, adding to the trustworthiness of their policies
  3. Customers have also praised their efficient claims process, making it a reliable choice for car insurance needs

Cons – Tesco Car Insurance

  1. Limited coverage options compared to other providers
  2. Some customers have reported difficulties with customer service and claims processing.
  3. Premiums may be higher for certain drivers or vehicles
  4. No option for online quotes, requiring customers to call or visit a branch


After examining the various aspects of Tesco Car Insurance, it is clear that they offer a range of policies to suit different drivers’ needs. Their standard car insurance policies cater to drivers over 21, while their box insurance is specifically designed for younger drivers aged 17-35.

One aspect that makes Tesco Car Insurance trustworthy is that their underwriters are established and reputable companies in the insurance industry. Knowing that trusted names back their policies gives customers peace of mind.

When comparing Tesco Car Insurance policies, carefully considering the coverage details is important. Understanding what exactly is included in your policy can help you make an informed decision about which option suits you best. Additionally, being aware of the excess amount and how it may impact potential claims can be crucial.

Customer reviews play a significant role in calculating an insurer’s performance. While some positive experiences are shared by customers who have had a smooth claim process or received excellent customer service from Tesco Bank Car Insurance, negative reviews are also there to highlight issues such as high premiums or difficulty reaching customer support.

In pros and cons, one advantage of choosing Tesco Car Insurance is their range of policy options tailored to different driver profiles. They provide flexibility for experienced drivers and young motorists just starting the road. However, one downside is inconsistent customer experiences based on online reviews. 

Remember always to compare quotes and shop around before committing to any car insurance provider – this will ensure you find the right coverage at an affordable price point for your circumstances.


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