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How to Pay Tyne Tunnel Charge?

Welcome to the Tyne Tunnel, where convenience meets connectivity! Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, navigating through this iconic tunnel is a breeze. But wait… before you can cruise through its subterranean passages, there’s one important thing you need to know: how to pay the Tyne Tunnel charge.

No worries, my friend! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the various payment options available so that your journey remains smooth sailing. From pre-paid methods to PayPoint locations and phone payments, we’ve got all the information you need. So buckle up and let’s dive into the world of Tyne Tunnel charges!

How to Pay Tyne Tunnel Charge?

How to Pay Tyne Tunnel Charge?

To pay the Tyne Tunnel charge, you have a few convenient options available. Firstly, you can purchase a prepaid permit for unlimited travel through the tunnel. This is a great choice if you frequently use the tunnel. You can buy the permit online through the official Tyne Tunnel website or by calling their customer service.

Alternatively, you can pay the charge online via the official Tyne Tunnel website. Simply navigate to the payment section, where you will need to enter your vehicle’s registration number and payment details. It’s important to pay within the specified time frame to avoid any penalties.

If you prefer to pay over the phone, you can call the Tyne Tunnel customer service and provide them with your vehicle’s registration number and payment details. They will assist you in processing the payment conveniently over the phone.

Pre-Paid Payment

If you possess a Pre-Paid account, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology deployed within the Tunnels will seamlessly capture your Vehicle Registration Number as you navigate through at regular speed.

Upon registration, you now have the flexibility to opt for either a personal or business account.

  1. Personal Account: Manage multiple vehicles across two accounts, each with its dedicated funds allocation
  2. Business Account: Organise your vehicle fleet into distinct groups within a unified account, without any restrictions on the number of sub-accounts.

To ensure smooth passage, it’s essential to include your Vehicle Registration Number in your account details and maintain sufficient funds before embarking on your journey.

Funding your account is a hassle-free process, achievable through our website, mobile application, or via the automated telephone payment line at 0191 574 0030.

Pay for Passage

The Pay for Passage system offers a convenient alternative for travellers who prefer not to establish a Pre-Paid account for their journeys. With this option, individuals have the flexibility to pay for their passage in advance or by the end of the day following their journey.

Moreover, users can purchase up to ten journeys, providing the convenience of planning ahead for travel needs for up to one year in advance. Upon successful payment, users receive an email confirmation containing comprehensive payment details, including a unique receipt ID for reference. This streamlined process ensures ease of use and efficiency for travelers utilising the Pay for Passage feature.

By Phone 

By Phone 

If you prefer to pay for your Tyne Tunnel charge over the phone, the Phone (IVR) option is a convenient choice. With this method, all you need is a touch-tone phone and a valid debit or credit card.

You can access the automated telephone payment line at 0191 574 0030. This service enables you to:

  • Replenish your Pre-Paid account
  • Settle payments post your tunnel travel by midnight the following day
  • Acquire up to 10 single journeys up to 1 year ahead
  • Fulfill UTCN payments


Cash payments are no longer accepted at the passage point. Instead, you can pay at a nearby PayPoint retailer, just 300 meters from the Tyne Tunnels. Use PayPoint for:

  • Paying for a journey by midnight the day after
  • Purchasing up to 10 journeys ahead, You’ll receive a receipt
  • Total amount
  • Number of journeys
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Receipt ID (“REF” number) Use the “REF” on your receipt to track remaining journeys out of the 10 available for advance purchase.

What Happens After an Unpaid Journey?

What Happens After an Unpaid Journey?

If a journey through the Tyne Tunnel remains unpaid, there are consequences that can occur. Here’s what typically happens after an unpaid journey:

  1. Penalty Charge Notice (PCN): After an unpaid journey, the tunnel operator will usually issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the registered owner of the vehicle. This notice will be sent by post to the address associated with the vehicle’s registration.
  2. Payment Request: The PCN will include details of the unpaid journey, along with the amount due and a payment deadline. It is important to pay the outstanding charge promptly to avoid further penalties or legal action.
  3. Increased Charge: If the charge remains unpaid beyond the initial payment request, the penalty may increase. The exact increase will depend on the policies set by the Tyne Tunnel operator.
  4. Debt Collection Agency: In some cases, if the unpaid charge is not resolved within a certain timeframe, the debt may be referred to a collection agency. This can result in additional fees being added to the original charge.
  5. Legal Action: If all attempts to collect the unpaid charge fail, the tunnel operator may pursue legal action to recover the outstanding amount. This can involve court proceedings and further costs.

Why Do You Pay a Toll to Use the Tyne Tunnels?

Tolls are imposed on the Tyne Tunnels as a means of generating revenue to cover the costs associated with their construction, operation, and maintenance. Here are a few reasons why tolls are charged:

  1. Construction Costs: Building and maintaining tunnels is a costly endeavour. The initial construction of the Tyne Tunnels required significant financial investment, including engineering, materials, labour, and equipment expenses. Tolls help to recover these costs over time.
  2. Operation and Maintenance: Tunnels require ongoing operational and maintenance expenses. This includes expenses related to lighting, ventilation systems, safety measures, regular inspections, repairs, and personnel costs. Tolls contribute to funding these essential activities.
  3. Financing and Debt Repayment: In some cases, the construction of infrastructure projects like the Tyne Tunnels may have been financed through loans or bonds. Tolls play a role in repaying these financial obligations over time, ensuring that the project remains financially sustainable.
  4. Upgrades and Improvements: Tolls can also be used to finance future upgrades, expansions, or improvement projects related to the Tyne Tunnels. This helps ensure that the infrastructure is modernised, efficient, and able to handle increasing traffic demands.

Where Does the Toll Money Go?

Where Does the Toll Money Go?

Now that you know how to pay the Tyne Tunnel charge and what happens if you don’t, you might be wondering where exactly your hard-earned money goes. Well, let’s shed some light on this matter.

The revenue generated from the toll charges is primarily used for the operation and maintenance of the Tyne Tunnels. This includes ensuring regular inspections, repairs, and upgrades are carried out to maintain a safe and efficient travel experience for users.

In addition to these operational expenses, a portion of the toll fees also goes towards supporting local infrastructure projects in the region. These may include road improvements, public transportation initiatives, or other community development efforts aimed at enhancing connectivity and mobility in the area.

By paying your Tyne Tunnel charge, you are not only contributing towards maintaining a vital transportation link but also investing in future enhancements that benefit both locals and visitors alike.


By following these simple steps, you can easily pay for the Tyne Tunnel charge and avoid any penalties or fines. Whether you choose to use the website, phone app, or in-person payment options, make sure to have your vehicle registration number and payment method ready.

It may seem like a hassle at first, but paying the Tyne Tunnel charge is necessary for a smooth and efficient journey. So next time you travel through the tunnel, be prepared and save yourself from any unnecessary stress by paying your toll beforehand.


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