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How to Check Waterstones Gift Card Balance?

Looking for the perfect gift for that bookworm in your life? Look no further than a Waterstones Gift Card! With the wide range of books, stationery, and literary goodies available at Waterstones, this gift card is a ticket to endless reading adventures. But what if you’re not sure how much balance is left on your card? Or perhaps you want to know how to add more funds or even cancel it altogether? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about checking your Waterstones Gift Card balance and more. So grab a cuppa, settle into your favorite reading nook, and let’s dive right in!

What is a Waterstones Gift Card?

What is a Waterstones Gift Card?

A prepaid card that may be used as payment at the well-known and well-liked bookstore Waterstones in the UK and Ireland is called a Waterstones Gift Card. It gives the receiver the option to select from a large selection of books, stationery, and other items that are offered by Waterstones, including both their physical locations and their website.

Once a certain amount of money has been placed onto the gift card, it can be used repeatedly until the remaining balance is depleted. Giving someone the opportunity to choose their own books or literary-related goods as a present is a terrific idea.

How to Apply for a Waterstones Gift Card?

To apply for a Waterstones Gift Card, you have a few options:

  1. In-store: You can visit any Waterstones store in the United Kingdom or Ireland and ask a staff member at the checkout counter for a gift card. They will provide you with a physical card that you can load with the desired amount.
  2. Online: Visit the Waterstones website and navigate to the “Gift Cards” section. Here, you can choose from various designs and denominations for the gift card. Fill in the necessary details, including the recipient’s name and your own, as well as any personal message you would like to include. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, the gift card will be mailed to either you or the recipient.
  3. E-gift card: Waterstones also offers e-gift cards that can be purchased and delivered electronically. On the Waterstones website, select the e-gift card option. Follow the prompts to customize the design, denomination, and message. Once the purchase is complete, the e-gift card will be sent via email to the recipient or yourself.

Regardless of the method you choose, the gift card will need to be activated before use. After receiving the card, the recipient can activate it either online or by calling the number provided on the card. Once activated, the gift card can be used to make purchases in-store or online.

How to Activate the Waterstones Gift Card?

How to Activate the Waterstones Gift Card?

Activating your Waterstones gift card is a simple and straightforward process. Once you have received your gift card, follow these steps to activate it:

  • Check the back of the gift card for any activation instructions provided by Waterstones
  • Visit the official Waterstones website or call their customer service hotline to activate your gift card
  • Provide the necessary information required for activation, such as the card number and PIN code
  • Wait for confirmation of successful activation from Waterstones either through email or SMS
  • Once activated, you can start using your gift card to make purchases at any participating Waterstones store or online on their website

Remember that activating your gift card is essential before you can use it, so be sure to complete this step before attempting to redeem its value. Enjoy browsing through books and indulging in literary treasures with your newly activated Waterstones gift card!

How to Check Waterstones Gift Card Balance?

How to Check Waterstones Gift Card Balance?

There are several ways you can check the balance of your Waterstones Gift Card:

  1. Online: Visit the Waterstones website and go to the “Gift Cards” section. Look for the option to “Check Balance” or “Manage Gift Card.” Enter the gift card number and PIN (if applicable) in the provided fields, and the website will display the remaining balance.
  2. In-store: Take your gift card to any Waterstones store and ask a staff member to check the balance for you. They will be able to scan the card or manually enter the information to provide you with the current balance.
  3. Phone: Call Waterstones customer service at the phone number provided on the back of the gift card. Follow the prompts and provide the necessary information when prompted to check the card’s balance.
  4. Mobile App: Download and install the Waterstones mobile app. Log in to your account or create a new one if needed. Go to the gift card section within the app, enter the relevant details, and you should be able to view your gift card balance.

Please note that the specific methods available may vary, so it’s best to check the Waterstones website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on how to check your gift card balance.

How Do You Add Money to the Waterstones Gift Card?

To increase the balance on your Waterstones Gift Card, visit any Waterstones bookshop and follow a straightforward process. Simply hand over your Waterstones Gift Card to a bookseller and specify the desired amount you wish to add to your Gift Card. The bookseller will then process the transaction, updating your Gift Card with the chosen value. It’s a hassle-free way to ensure your Gift Card has sufficient funds for your next literary adventure.

However, it’s important to note that online top-ups for Waterstones Gift Cards are not available on the Waterstones website (Waterstones.com). The option to add funds online is not supported, so if you want to increase your Gift Card balance, it must be done in person at a physical Waterstones bookshop. Always check for any updates or changes in policies regarding gift card top-ups by referring to the official Waterstones website or contacting Waterstones customer service.

How to Redeem a Waterstones Gift Card?

Redeeming a Waterstones gift card is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy your favorite books without any hassle. Follow these simple steps to make the most of your gift card:

1. Visit a Waterstones store or their official website: Whether you prefer browsing through physical books or shopping online, Waterstones has got you covered. Simply choose the option that suits you best.

2. Select your items: Explore the vast collection of books, stationery, and accessories available at Waterstones. From bestselling novels to niche genres, there’s something for everyone.

3. Proceed to checkout: Once you’ve found the perfect items, head to the checkout page. Here, enter your gift card details when prompted.

4. Apply your gift card balance: Enter the unique code on your gift card into the designated field during checkout. The total amount will be deducted from your gift card balance automatically.

5. Complete your purchase: Review your order details one last time before finalizing the transaction by clicking “Submit” or “Place Order.” You’re now all set to receive and enjoy your chosen products!

Remember, every retailer may have slight variations in their redemption process; therefore, it’s always advisable to refer directly to Waterstones’ official guidelines for accurate instructions on redeeming their gift cards.

How to Cancel Waterstones Gift Card?

Waterstones or National Book Token Gift Cards that have been purchased in-store cannot be returned and are not refundable.

Waterstones Gift Cards that have been purchased online may be returned and a refund will be given, provided:

  • The Gift Card is unused and undamaged
  • Proof of purchase is provided
  • You notify us within 14 days of receiving the Gift Card that you wish to cancel your purchase
  • You return the Gift Card to us within 14 days of giving such notice

Waterstones eGifts become non-refundable once they have been electronically delivered to the intended recipient.


In the world of literature and book lovers, Waterstones Gift Cards are a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re an avid reader or know someone who is, these gift cards offer endless possibilities to explore the vast selection of books at Waterstones. From bestsellers to hidden gems, there’s something for everyone.

Redeeming a Waterstones Gift Card is simple and convenient. Just visit your local store or go online to their website where you can browse through thousands of titles. Once you’ve made your choice, proceed to checkout and enter the unique code on your gift card. The value of the card will be deducted from your total purchase amount, leaving you with only happy anticipation for your new reads.

Applying for a Waterstones Gift Card couldn’t be easier either! You can pick one up in-store or order it online with just a few clicks. Choose from various designs and denominations that suit your preferences or the person you’re gifting it to. Adding money to a Waterstones Gift Card is not possible once it has been purchased or activated.

Waterstone offers an extensive range of books across multiple genres, and their gift cards make a perfect present for any book lover.

FAQ – How to Check Waterstones Gift Card Balance?

FAQ - How to Check Waterstones Gift Card Balance?

Where can I buy a Waterstones gift card?

You can now purchase a Waterstones UK gift card from other retailers, including Boots, Morrisons, Tesco, Argos, and The Co-operative. This gift card is redeemable in the same way as one bought from Waterstones, and you can use it to make a purchase in any of our Waterstones bookshops or on Waterstones.com.

How do I use my Waterstones E gift card?

To use your Waterstones E gift card, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Select your items and proceed to the checkout as usual
  2. On the ‘Payment’ page, enter the Waterstones or National Book Token Gift Card/eGift number
  3. Enter the security code or PIN that is hidden beneath the scratch-off strip (or provided with your eGift), then select ‘Add Gift Card’
  4. The available balance will be displayed
  5. Choose how much of the balance to use and select ‘Apply Gift Cards’. You will then see the order total change to reflect the redemption
  6. If you have no further balance to pay, select ‘Place Order’. Otherwise, scroll down to select another payment method

We will take payment from Waterstones and National Book Token Gift Cards and eGifts (as well as any redeemed Waterstones Plus balance) at the point an order is placed. If there is any remaining balance to pay, this will be taken from your other chosen payment method when your order is ready for dispatch.

Please note that Waterstones Gift Cards and eGifts cannot be purchased using the balance of a Waterstones or National Book Token Gift Card or eGift.

Can I use a Westone gift card and another payment method on the same order?

If you wish to use your gift card to pay for an order, then the gift card balance must be used in full before you can select another payment method.

Only after the total balance of the gift card is used can the outstanding balance be paid for by another payment method.

Can I use multiple Westone gift cards?

Only one gift card can be used per transaction on Waterstones.com.

Whilst there is a balance left on your card, your gift card can be used in Waterstones shops and online at Waterstones.com, subject to point six of the terms and conditions.

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