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Wave Credit Card – Review

Welcome to our blog post on the Wave Credit Card! If you’re looking for a credit card with great features and benefits, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll dive into what makes the Wave Credit Card stand out from the crowd, as well as its drawbacks and how it compares to other credit cards in the market.

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or simply want a reliable card for everyday use, we’ll help you determine if the Wave Credit Card is your perfect match.

Wave Credit Card

Wave Credit Card

Wave Credit Card is a versatile financial tool offering various features and benefits to suit different needs. This card’s rich rewards programme is one of its most notable features. With every purchase you make, whether it’s groceries, dining out, or booking flights, you can earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards such as cashback, travel vouchers, or even merchandise.

Features and Benefits of Wave Credit Card

The Wave Credit Card offers a range of features and benefits that make it an attractive option for individuals looking to manage their finances effectively.

  • Instant Access, Anywhere: Wave Credit Card offers instant access to your funds with a virtual card usable through Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can start making purchases right away, even before your physical card arrives, which will be at your doorstep within days.
  • Personalized Control: Experience less hassle and more flexibility with Wave Credit Card. You are in charge of receiving real-time alerts, monitoring your spending, and deciding whether you want to increase your credit limit or not.
  • Smart Repayment Options: Take advantage of the simple repayment calculator provided by Wave. It allows you to see how even small increases in monthly payments can significantly impact your Wave account balance, helping you manage your finances effectively.
  • Adaptive to Life Changes: Life can be unpredictable, and Wave understands that. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Wave Credit Card offers a three-day grace period for late payments, giving you the flexibility you need during unexpected circumstances.
  • Robust Security Measures: Your safety is a top priority. Wave Credit Card lets you set up secure fingerprint and face ID login, ensuring that only you can access your account. If your card is lost or misplaced, you can instantly freeze or cancel it, providing complete control over your finances.
  • Expert Support, Anytime: Wave Credit Card provides exceptional customer support. With a dedicated UK-based support team available through live chat and email, you can get the assistance you need promptly, making your experience with Wave Credit Card smooth and worry-free.

Embrace the simplicity, flexibility, and security that Wave Credit Card offers. With its user-friendly features and robust benefits, managing your company finances has never been this convenient.

Drawbacks of the Wave Credit Card

While the Wave Credit Card offers many attractive features and benefits, it is important to consider some drawbacks before making a decision. One significant drawback is that the card has an annual fee. This fee can vary depending on your creditworthiness and may range from $0 to several hundred dollars annually.

Another downside of the Wave Credit Card is its high interest rate. If you tend to carry a balance on your credit cards, this could become quite costly over time. It’s crucial to be mindful of your spending habits and make timely payments to avoid accumulating hefty interest charges.

Additionally, some users have reported limited acceptance of the Wave Credit Card at certain merchants or businesses. While it is widely accepted in most places, there may still be instances where you are unable to use it for payment.

Comparison With Other Credit Cards in the Market

When comparing credit cards in the market, it is important to consider various factors such as fees, rewards, interest rates, and customer service. One popular credit card that stands out is the Wave Credit Card.

Unlike other credit cards that charge high annual fees, the Wave Credit Card offers a competitive fee structure with no annual fee. This can save cardholders money in the long run. Additionally, it provides a range of benefits, including cashback rewards on everyday purchases.

Another factor to consider when comparing credit cards is the interest rate charged on outstanding balances. The Wave Credit Card offers a low introductory APR for balance transfers and purchases for an extended period of time.

While other credit cards in the market offer similar features and benefits, its simplicity and transparency set the Wave Credit Card apart. With no hidden fees or complex reward structures to navigate through, managing your finances becomes hassle-free.

Wave Credit Card Eligibility

Wave Credit Card Eligibility

To be eligible for a Wave Credit Card, there are a few criteria that you need to meet. First and foremost, your age must be greater than 18 years. Additionally, you should have a good credit score, as this will greatly increase your chances of approval.

Furthermore, Wave Credit Card is typically available to individuals who are residents of the United States or have legal status in the country. You may also need to provide proof of income during the application process.

It’s important to note that meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee approval for the card. The final decision will ultimately depend on factors such as your credit history and financial situation.

Wave Credit Card Payment

Making payments with your Wave Credit Card is quick and convenient. Whether you’re paying for groceries, dining out, or shopping online, the Wave Credit Card offers flexible payment options to suit your needs.

To make a payment on your Wave Credit Card, you can choose from several methods. The most common method is through online banking. Simply log in to your bank’s website or mobile app and add your Wave Credit Card as a payee. You can transfer funds directly to your credit card from your bank account.

Another option is setting up automatic payments, where a fixed amount will be deducted from your bank account each month to cover your Wave Credit Card’s minimum payment or full balance.

If you prefer more traditional methods, you can also make payments by phone or mail. Just contact customer service for instructions on how to proceed with these options.

Remember that making timely payments on your Wave Credit Card is important to avoid late fees and interest charges. Set reminders or schedule automatic payments so that you never miss a due date.

By managing your credit card payments responsibly, you’ll maintain good financial health and build a positive credit history over time.

Stay tuned for more information about the benefits and features of the Wave Credit Card!

Wave Credit Card Interest Rate

Wave Credit Card Interest Rate

When it comes to managing your finances, understanding the intricacies of credit card interest rates is crucial. With its representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 39.9% (variable), the Wave Credit Card offers a clear insight into its interest structures.

APR: 39.9% (Variable)

The representative APR of 39.9% (variable) is a key factor to consider when evaluating the Wave Credit Card. This variable rate means that the interest you pay can fluctuate based on market conditions and other factors.

Interest Rates Breakdown


  • Monthly Rate: 84% per month
  • Annual Rate: 9% per annum

Cash Withdrawals or Cash-Related Payments:

  • Monthly Rate: 84% per month
  • Annual Rate: 9% per annum

Note: Cash-related payments include transactions resulting in cash-like items, such as traveller’s cheques, foreign currency, or money orders.

Interest-Free Period

Wave Credit Card offers an interest-free period of up to 56 days for purchases. This benefit applies if you pay your statement balance and have settled your previous month’s balance in full and on time. However, it’s important to note that this interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals or cash-related payments.

Understanding these details empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their financial choices. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for any credit card to make the most of your financial planning.

Our Personal Score for Wave Credit Card

When it comes to evaluating the overall performance of a credit card, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. After thorough analysis and research, we have come up with our personal score for the Wave Credit Card.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the features and benefits of this card. With its attractive rewards program and cashback offers, the Wave Credit Card definitely stands out from its competitors. The convenience of contactless payments and secure transactions also adds to its appeal.

Another aspect that impressed us is the ease of managing the card through their user-friendly mobile app. Everything can be done at your fingertips, from monitoring your spending to tracking reward points.

In terms of eligibility criteria, applicants will need a good credit history in order to qualify for this card. It may not be suitable for individuals who are just starting out or trying to improve their credit score.

Our personal score for the Wave Credit Card is highly positive due to its attractive features and rewards program. However, potential users need to weigh both the benefits and drawbacks based on their financial needs before deciding.

Note: We understand that every individual has unique requirements when choosing a credit card; therefore, our personal score may differ from others’ opinions or experiences.

Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Wave Credit Card


Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Wave Credit Card

Understand your spending habits: Before using your Wave credit card, take some time to analyse your spending patterns. This will help you determine how much credit you need and which categories you spend the most.

Set a budget: Once you understand your spending habits, create a monthly budget that aligns with your financial goals. Maintain this budget and prevent superfluous expenditures.

Pay on time: To avoid late payment fees and interest charges, make sure to pay off your balance in full and on time each month. To keep organised, set up automatic payments or reminders.

Take advantage of rewards programs: Wave offers various rewards programs that allow you to earn cashback or points for every purchase made with your credit card. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of these programs so that you can maximize their benefits.

Track your transactions: Regularly monitor your credit card statements either through online banking or mobile apps provided by Wave Credit Card. This will help detect any unauthorized transactions or potential fraud early on.

Remember, using a credit card responsibly is key to maintaining good financial health and maximizing its benefits!


In conclusion, the Wave Credit Card offers a unique and convenient way to make payments without carrying physical cards or entering sensitive information. Its advanced technology and security features provide peace of mind for users, while its rewards program adds an extra perk.

Despite some limitations in acceptance, the Wave Credit Card is definitely worth considering for those looking for a modern and efficient payment method. So why not give it a try and join the Wave of contactless payments today?

FAQ – Wave Credit Card

FAQ - Wave Credit Card

Who is behind the wave credit card?

Chetwood Financial, a British bank, backs Wave Credit Card. Chetwood Financial is a challenger bank that focuses on providing innovative financial solutions to consumers. They aim to offer fair and transparent products, and the Wave Credit Card is one of their offerings. It’s designed to simplify and enhance the credit card experience for customers.

Can I use a wave credit card abroad?

Can I use Wave Credit Card abroad? This is a common question that many potential cardholders may have. The answer is yes! One of the great features of the Wave Credit Card is its international acceptance. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, this card can be your reliable companion.

Using the Wave Credit Card abroad is convenient and hassle-free. You can make purchases at millions of locations worldwide that accept Visa cards. So whether you’re exploring bustling markets in Asia, sipping cocktails on a Caribbean beach, or shopping in Europe’s fashion capitals, your Wave Credit Card will be accepted almost everywhere.

How much is Wave’s credit card fee?

Wave charges a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction for credit card payments. This means for every transaction made through a credit card, you’ll pay 2.9% of the transaction amount and an additional 30 cents. This fee structure is designed to be clear and easy to calculate, allowing businesses to accurately anticipate their payment processing expenses.

How do I activate my Wave credit card?

To activate your Wave credit card, you can follow these steps:

Check for an Activation Sticker: Some credit cards come with a sticker on the front that provides instructions for activation. Look for any activation-related information on your card.

Activate Online: Visit the Chetwood Financial website or the specific website provided by Wave Credit Card. Look for the activation page or section and follow the prompts. You will typically need to provide your card details personal information, and possibly create an online account.

Activate by Phone: If an online option is not available or if you prefer, you can activate your card by phone. Look for the customer service number provided on the card or in the accompanying documentation. Call the number and follow the automated prompts, or speak to a representative who will guide you through the activation process.

Verification Process: During the activation, you may be required to verify your identity and provide some additional information, such as your date of birth, social security number, or other identification details. This is a standard security measure.

Confirmation: Once you have completed the activation process, you will usually receive confirmation that your card is now active. You can then start using your Wave credit card for purchases and transactions.

If you encounter any issues or have specific questions about activating your Wave credit card, it’s best to reach out to Chetwood Financials customer support for further assistance.


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