How Much is Soho House Membership in the UK?

Soho House

Soho House is not your typical members-only club. It's a worldwide phenomenon that has reshaped luxury and exclusivity in the hospitality business. Soho House, founded in London by Nick Jones in 1995, immediately became a symbol of sophisticated taste and elegance. This private members' club offers a haven for creatives and tastemakers alike, with locations covering major cities globally.

Soho House Membership

Individuals who join get access to unequalled networking, socialising, and unique experiences. Soho House locations are known for their beautiful decor, exceptional food and drink options, cutting-edge amenities such as gyms and spas, and tailored events that cater to a wide range of interests.

Soho House Membership Types

1. Soho House Membership 2. Cities without Houses Membership 3. Soho Friends Membership

Soho House Membership Cost

Cities without Houses Membership

Because this membership allows access to the worldwide network without a physical House nearby, it is less expensive than a full Soho House membership. Pricing may vary depending on region. The Birmingham fee, for example, is £1,050 per year.

Soho House Membership Cost

Soho Friends Membership

A Soho Friends membership costs £100 per year and is intended to be more accessible and cheap for individuals who want to experience the Soho House community without the full range of services.

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