What is Indemnity Insurance?

What Does Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Professional indemnity insurance covers the costs of defending a claim brought against your company. This includes legal fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and, if necessary, settlement amounts.

Type of Indemnity Insurance Policies

- Planning Permission   Insurance - Boiler Indemnity - Windows Indemnity

Planning Permission Insurance

Planning Permission Insurance is a sort of indemnity insurance that covers any legal challenges or financial losses that may come as a result of a property's lack of planning permission. It is intended to safeguard property owners, developers, and investors from the hazards associated with not having the right planning licences.

Boiler Indemnity

Many businesses, particularly those in industries such as manufacturing or hospitality, rely on a working boiler. However, if a boiler malfunctions or fails, it can result in considerable financial losses due to property damage, company interruption, and potential lawsuits from affected employees or customers. Businesses can protect themselves against these unforeseen disasters by purchasing boiler indemnity insurance.

Windows Indemnity

Windows Indemnity is a sort of indemnity insurance that covers damages or losses caused by windows in a building. Having windows indemnity may protect your investment and provide peace of mind, whether you are a homeowner or a company owner.

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