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When Do Glastonbury Tickets Go on Sale?

Welcome music lovers and festival enthusiasts! Are you eagerly awaiting the chance to immerse yourself in the ultimate Glastonbury experience? We know that feeling of anticipation all too well. The magical vibes, sensational lineup, and unforgettable moments make Glastonbury one of the most sought-after festivals in the world. But when do Glastonbury tickets go on sale?

Fear not, as we have all the information you need to secure your spot at this iconic event. So grab a cuppa, sit back, and let’s dive into everything you need to know about snagging those coveted Glasto tickets!

When is Glastonbury 2024?

When is Glastonbury 2024?

Glastonbury 2024, the much-anticipated edition of this legendary festival, is set to take place from June 26th to June 30th. Mark your calendars and get ready for five days of non-stop music, art, and pure magic in the heart of Somerset, England.

As one of the largest and most influential music festivals in the world, Glastonbury attracts a diverse range of artists from various genres. From rock legends to up-and-coming indie bands, there’s something for everyone at Glasto. The lineup is always carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience for every attendee.

But Glastonbury isn’t just about the music; it’s a celebration of creativity in all its forms. You’ll find mesmerising art installations scattered across the festival grounds, interactive workshops where you can learn new skills or simply unleash your inner artist.

How Do You Apply to Play Glastonbury in 2024?

Applying to play at Glastonbury in 2024 involves a few steps. Glastonbury is one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, so competition can be tough. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the application process:

  1. Prepare your materials: Before applying, make sure you have all the necessary materials ready. This typically includes a press kit or EPK (Electronic Press Kit), which should include your bio, high-quality promotional photos, links to your music, and any press coverage or accolades you may have received.
  2. Research the application process: Visit the official Glastonbury Festival website and look for the artist application section. They usually announce when applications are open and provide guidelines on how to apply. Make sure to read everything carefully to understand the requirements and deadline.
  3. Craft a compelling application: Take time to write a strong and concise application that highlights your unique qualities as an artist. Explain why you would be a great fit for Glastonbury and what makes your music stand out. Be sure to showcase your experience, previous live performances, and any notable achievements in your career.
  4. Gather supporting materials: In addition to your application form, you may be asked to submit additional documents or recordings. This could include videos of live performances, music videos, or reviews of your work. Prepare these files in the required format and ensure they represent you well.
  5. Submit your application: Once you have everything ready, follow the instructions provided on the Glastonbury website to submit your application. Double-check that all the required information and materials are included before sending it off.
  6. Be patient and proactive: After submitting your application, patience is key. Glastonbury organizers receive a considerable number of applications, so it may take some time for them to review and respond. However, if you haven’t heard back within a reasonable timeframe, it doesn’t hurt to follow up politely to confirm they received your application.

When Do Glastonbury Tickets Go on Sale?

When Do Glastonbury Tickets Go on Sale?

If you’re a die-hard music fan, chances are you’ve been eagerly waiting for the announcement of when Glastonbury tickets will go on sale. Well, my friend, the wait is finally over! The highly anticipated festival is set to take place in 2024, and ticket sales are just around the corner.

There are two primary sales for Glastonbury tickets. The initial sale is for tickets bundled with a coach travel package, whereas the subsequent sale is for regular tickets without coach travel.

It’s important to understand that if you purchase a coach ticket, you are required to travel on the designated coach and cannot arrive at the festival separately.

The sale dates have already been announced:

  • Coach ticket sale: Thursday, November 16th, at 6 pm GMT
  • General admission sale: Sunday, November 19th, at 9 am GMT

How Much Are Tickets?

Glastonbury is renowned for its incredible music lineup, mind-blowing performances, and unforgettable experiences. But how much will it cost you to be a part of this legendary festival? Well, the ticket prices for Glastonbury can vary depending on various factors.

According to the Glastonbury website, ticket prices are set at £355 plus a £5 booking fee. Upon booking in November, a £75 deposit (along with the coach fare if selecting the ticket with coach travel) is required, with the remaining balance due in the first week of April 2024.

Tickets will be available solely on glastonbury.seetickets.com. It’s emphasised that only See Tickets is authorised to handle ticket sales for the Glastonbury Festival.

For further details regarding Glastonbury tickets, including hospitality choices and procedures for lost or canceled tickets, you can access additional information online.

How Can I Buy Glastonbury Tickets?

How Can I Buy Glastonbury Tickets?

Tickets will be exclusively available for purchase at glastonbury.seetickets.com. To make a purchase, registration is required to prevent scalping. You can complete the registration process online by following this link.

If you don’t have your registration number readily available, you can retrieve it by providing your email address here. Access to the booking site will be limited to a set number of users at any given time. While waiting for access, you will be directed to a holding page until space becomes available on the booking site. The page will automatically refresh every 20 seconds to check for availability.

In instances of high website traffic, you may encounter a simplified version of the See Tickets booking site, along with a basic version of the holding page. This indicates that the site is serving the maximum number of users simultaneously and does not signify a crash.

You can purchase up to six tickets per transaction. For each ticket, you’ll need to input the individual’s name, registration number, and postcode during the booking process. Changes to bookings after completion are not permitted.

When booking a ticket with coach travel, you’ll be prompted to select the departure town (and time, if applicable for towns with multiple departures). Only tickets departing from one town can be booked per transaction.

A valid UK debit or credit card with sufficient funds is required to complete the transaction, along with all associated security information. Upon reaching the payment page, you’ll have five minutes to provide your payment details, with the remaining time displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Why Was the Sale Delayed?

Why Was the Sale Delayed?

The anticipation and excitement for Glastonbury tickets is always at an all-time high. However, there are times when the sale gets delayed, leaving eager fans wondering why. Several factors can contribute to a delay in ticket sales.

One of the main reasons for a delay could be logistical issues. Glastonbury is known for its massive scale, with thousands of people attending each year. Ensuring that everything is set up properly and that the ticketing system is ready to handle such a large demand takes time and careful planning.

Another possible reason for a delay could be related to artist announcements. Glastonbury has always been famous for its incredible lineup, featuring some of the biggest names in music. Sometimes, organizers may choose to wait until they have finalised enough headliners and supporting acts before opening ticket sales.

Additionally, unforeseen circumstances or external factors beyond the control of the organizers could also lead to delays in ticket sales. These could include issues with venue permits or unexpected changes in regulations that need to be addressed before tickets can go on sale.


As we reach the end of this article, it’s clear that Glastonbury is an event that captures the hearts and imaginations of music lovers from all over the world. With its iconic stages, diverse lineup, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder why tickets to this festival are in such high demand.

Whether you’re a regular attendee or someone who has yet to experience the magic of Glastonbury, one thing is for certain – securing tickets can be a challenge. The anticipation leading up to the ticket sale date can be nerve-wracking as thousands of eager fans try their luck at snagging a coveted spot at the festival.

Now get ready; start making plans; gather your festival crew because when those long-awaited tickets finally become available, you won’t want anything standing between you and four days filled with incredible music, unforgettable moments, and memories to last a lifetime!

FAQ – When Do Glastonbury Tickets Go on Sale?

FAQ - When Do Glastonbury Tickets Go on Sale?

Is Glastonbury 2024 Sold Out?

Glastonbury, the renowned music and arts festival held in Somerset, England, is always in high demand. With its incredible lineup of world-class musicians and performers, it’s no wonder that fans eagerly await the opportunity to snag tickets for this iconic event.

After the coach and ticket sales in November, all tickets for Glastonbury 2024 have been fully allocated. Any canceled or returned tickets will be available for resale in April 2024.

Is It Hard to Get Glastonbury Tickets?

Securing a ticket to Glastonbury can be quite challenging, given the high demand, with approximately 2.5 million individuals vying for just over 200,000 tickets annually. Nevertheless, we have compiled some advice to help you maximise your chances and ensure you stand the best chance of securing a place at this renowned festival.

What Are the VIP Areas at Glastonbury?

VIP access encompasses the Interstage Hospitality area situated between the Pyramid and Other stages, offering exclusive amenities such as private bars, food stalls (available at an additional charge), and VIP toilets.

Additionally, there are restaurants and food establishments providing a range of options including seafood, vegan, and locally sourced dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Access to the hospitality campsite near Woodsies is also included.


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