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How Much is the Willis Towers Watson Pension Contribution?

Are you curious about the Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme and how much pension contribution you can expect? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of this renowned pension scheme, exploring what it entails, who qualifies for it, and how to apply.

But that’s not all – we’ll also uncover the amount of pension contribution you can anticipate from Willis Towers Watson. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s unravel the mysteries behind this highly sought-after pension scheme!

What is the Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme?

What is the Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme?

The Willis Towers Watson Pension is not a specific pension scheme but rather a collection of various pension plans administered by Willis Towers Watson for different companies and organizations.

Willis Towers Watson functions as a professional services company that specializes in managing pension plans. Similar to how a bank manages a savings account, Willis Towers Watson handles the administrative duties, calculations, and record-keeping for these pension plans. However, it’s important to note that the specific rules and benefits of each plan are determined by the company or organization offering the pension scheme.

In essence, Willis Towers Watson serves as a trusted partner in managing and overseeing the operational aspects of these pension plans. Their expertise and experience in administering pensions ensure that the plans are efficiently managed, compliant with regulations, and provide the necessary support to employees or members participating in the scheme.

It’s worth noting that the details of the Willis Towers Watson Pension can vary greatly depending on the specific plan offered by each company or organization. Employees or members should refer to the plan documents provided by their employer or organization to understand the precise terms, features, and benefits of their particular pension scheme.

How Does Willis Towers Watson’s Pension Scheme Work?

The Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme encompasses a range of individual plans, and the specifics of how each plan works will depend on the company or organization offering it. However, here is a general overview of how some Willis Towers Watson pension schemes might operate:


  • Eligibility: Each plan will have specific criteria relating to factors such as employment status, service period, age, and income level
  • Enrollment: Generally, eligible individuals are automatically enrolled in the scheme, although some plans may provide opt-in or opt-out options


  • Source: Both employees and employers typically contribute a percentage of the employee’s salary, with the potential for additional voluntary contributions from members.
  • Contribution rates: These are determined by the specific plan and can be fixed, tiered based on salary levels, or even age-dependent.
  • Tax relief: Contributions are often tax-deductible for both employees and employers in many countries.


  • Investment strategy: The plan’s trustees define the investment strategy, aiming for long-term growth and security to fund future pensions
  • Asset allocation: Diversification across various asset classes, such as equities, bonds, property, and alternatives, is commonly employed
  • Investment performance: Trustees regularly monitor the investment performance and adjust as required


  • Pension at retirement: The pension amount is typically calculated based on a formula considering factors such as salary, years of service, and contribution amounts
  • Payment options: Depending on the plan, retirees may have the choice of receiving a lump sum, purchasing an annuity, or a combination of both
  • Other benefits: Some plans may offer additional benefits, such as life insurance, disability benefits, or survivor benefits for dependents


  • Plan trustees: Responsible for overseeing the scheme’s operation, ensuring compliance with regulations and making investment decisions
  • Willis Towers Watson: Acts as the plan administrator, handling tasks such as record-keeping, calculations, and member communication

Who Qualifies for Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme?

Who Qualifies for Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme>

To determine who qualifies for the Willis Towers Watson Pension Scheme, you need to identify your specific plan first. Here are some steps to help you find out:

1. Identify your individual plan:

  • Check your employment contract: Look for any mention of the pension scheme name or Willis Towers Watson as the administrator
  • Ask your employer’s HR department: They will have detailed information about the company’s specific pension plan and eligibility requirements
  • Contact Willis Towers Watson directly: Provide them with your employer and location information, and they may be able to help you identify your specific plan

2. Once you know your specific plan:

  • Review the plan documents: These documents outline the eligibility criteria, benefits, and contribution schedule. You can usually access them through your employer’s HR department or the ePA platform.
  • Contact the plan administrator: They can answer any specific questions you have about your eligibility based on your employment history and other relevant factors.

While eligibility criteria can vary depending on the specific plan, here are some general aspects that might apply to various Willis Towers Watson schemes:

  • Being an employee of a company that offers a Willis Towers Watson-administered pension scheme: This is the most basic requirement.
  • Meeting minimum service requirements: Many plans require employees to be employed for a minimum period (e.g., 2 years) before becoming eligible
  • Reaching a certain age threshold: Plans often have minimum and maximum age limits for membership
  • Earning a specific income level: Some plans might have minimum salary requirements for participation

It’s important to note that these are general considerations, and the eligibility criteria can differ based on the specific plan offered by your employer.

How Much Is Willis Towers Watson’s Pension Contribution?

How Much Is Willis Towers Watson's Pension Contribution?

Willis Towers Watson is a global consulting firm that provides various services, including pension administration. However, the specific contribution rates for Willis Towers Watson pension plans may vary depending on several factors. Here’s how you can find out your individual pension contribution:

  1. Identifying your individual plan: Firstly, you’ll need to determine which Willis Towers Watson pension plan you are enrolled in. Check your employment contract or speak with your HR department to gather this information. Alternatively, you can directly contact Willis Towers Watson with details about your employer and location, and they can guide you to the correct plan.
  2. Reviewing the plan documents: Once you have identified your specific pension plan, review the plan documents provided to you. These documents will outline the contribution rates for both employers and employees. Look for sections that detail the specific formula, percentage, or fixed amount that determines your contribution.
  3. Contact the plan administrator: If you have any questions or require further clarification about your contribution amount, it is advisable to reach out to the plan administrator. The plan administrator, often a representative from Willis Towers Watson or your employer, will have the expertise to assist you. They can explain the contribution rates based on your individual circumstances, such as your salary level, age, or length of service.

Remember, pension contribution rates can be influenced by various factors, including employer and employee contributions, the type of plan (defined contribution or defined benefit), and collective bargaining agreements, if applicable. Therefore, it is important to consult the relevant plan documents and communicate directly with the plan administrator to determine your specific Willis Towers Watson pension contribution.

How Do I Contact Willis Towers Watson Lloyds Pension?

How do I contact Willis Towers Watson Lloyds pension?

To contact Willis Towers Watson regarding your Lloyds pension, the method will depend on when you joined Lloyds Banking Group. Here’s how you can reach out:

1. If you joined Lloyds Banking Group after July 1, 2010:

  • Phone: For the “Your Tomorrow” pension scheme administered by Willis Towers Watson, you can dial 01737 227 522. This number connects you to a dedicated line specifically for Lloyds Banking Group pension scheme.
  • Website: You can access your account details and manage your pension online through the ePensions Administration (ePA) platform. To log in, make sure you have your login credentials, which should have been provided by your employer or Willis Towers Watson.

2. If you joined Lloyds Banking Group before July 1, 2010:

Contact your employer’s HR department: Since your Lloyds pension predates the involvement of Willis Towers Watson in administration, your employer’s HR department is likely responsible for handling inquiries and overseeing your pension plan. They can provide you with the necessary information and any relevant contact details.

Who Owns Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson, as a publicly traded company, has a diverse ownership structure with involvement from various stakeholders. Here’s an overview of the key ownership groups:

1. Public Shareholders:

The majority of ownership, approximately 96.29% of outstanding shares, is held by institutional investors. These include prominent names in the investment industry such as BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and State Street Corporation. Institutional investors often manage funds on behalf of individuals, organizations, or other entities.

Additionally, individual investors have the opportunity to own Willis Towers Watson shares, listed on the New York Stock Exchange using the ticker symbol WTW. While their share may be smaller compared to institutional investors, individual investors still play a role in the ownership structure.

2. Insiders:

Company executives and members of the board of directors also have ownership stakes in Willis Towers Watson. Insiders typically hold shares as part of their compensation packages. This aligns their interests with those of shareholders and encourages a sense of accountability and shared success.

What is the New Name for Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson has undergone a name change and is now known as WTW. This rebranding decision was made to create a more cohesive and forward-looking brand identity following the merger of Willis Group and Towers Watson in 2016.

The new name, WTW, is an abbreviation of the former name and reflects the company’s desire for a simpler and more unified brand representation.

It is important to note that if you come across references to Willis Towers Watson, it is in reference to the company’s previous name. The transition to WTW took place over a year ago, and the new name and branding should be used when referring to the company.


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