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How to Apply for German Passport Renewal in the UK?

Welcome to our guide on how to apply for German passport renewal in the UK! Whether you’re a German citizen living or travelling in the United Kingdom, keeping your passport up-to-date is essential. Renewing your German passport may seem like a daunting process, but fear not! We’re here to provide you with all the information and guidance you need. We’ll cover everything from the required documents to the fees involved and turnaround times. So, let’s dive right in and ensure that your journey towards renewing your German passport is smooth sailing!

Documents Required to Renew a German Passport in the UK

Documents Required to Renew a German Passport in the UK

You’ll need to gather a few essential documents to renew your German passport in the UK. First, ensure you have your current/expired German passport. This will serve as proof of your previous citizenship.

Additionally, you’ll need two biometric passport photos that meet the specific requirements set by the German authorities. These photos must be recent and clearly show your face without obstructions or excessive shadows.

Next on the list is a completed application form for passport renewal. You can obtain this form from the website of the German Embassy in London or directly from their office.

Don’t forget to bring along proof of residence in the UK. This can be in the form of utility bills, bank statements, or any official document that clearly shows your name and address within the United Kingdom.

If there have been changes to personal details such as name or marital status since your last passport was issued, provide supporting documents like marriage or birth certificates.

By having these necessary documents ready ahead of time, you’ll ensure a smooth and efficient process when applying for your German passport renewal in the UK!

How to Renew a German Passport in the UK?

Renewing your German passport in the UK is a straightforward process that requires some documents and a visit to the German Embassy or Consulate. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to renew your German passport in the UK.

First, gather all the necessary documents for renewal. You will need your current valid German passport, two biometric passport photos (meeting specific requirements), proof of residence in the UK (such as a utility bill), and a completed application form.

Next, make an appointment at either the German Embassy in London or one of the consulates in Edinburgh or Manchester. It is essential to book an appointment beforehand, as walk-ins are not accepted.

On the day of your appointment, bring all required documents with you. If applicable, the embassy/consulate staff will verify your information and collect any additional fees.

Once everything is processed, your new German passport will be sent directly to you by post within a few weeks.

Remember to keep track of your old passport until you receive your new one, as it may still contain valid visas or residency permits.

Renewing your German passport ensures that you can continue travelling hassle-free while maintaining proof of citizenship. So, follow these steps and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have obtained a renewed travel document!

Fees Included in Renewing German Passport

Fees Included in Renewing German Passport

When it comes to renewing your German passport in the UK, there are some fees involved that you need to be aware of. The cost of renewing a German passport can vary depending on several factors. We’ll break down the fees associated with renewing a German passport, including standard fees, express options, and additional services.

Standard Passport Renewal Fees

  • Passport for Individuals Under 24 Years: £50.30

If you are under 24 years old, the standard fee for renewing your German passport is £50.30. This fee applies to young adults and students planning to continue their international journeys.

  • Passport for Individuals 24 Years and Over: £69.70

The standard renewal fee for individuals aged 24 and above is £69.70. This fee covers the cost of renewing a regular adult passport.

Additional Services and Fees

  • Express Fee: £27.60

You can opt for the express service if you need your passport urgently. This service ensures a faster processing time for your passport renewal.

  • 48-Page Passport: £19.00

For those who require more pages in their passport, an additional fee of £19.00 is applicable. This option is especially useful for frequent travellers.

  • Temporary Passport: £33.60

You can apply for a temporary passport in certain situations where you need a passport quickly, but a standard renewal isn’t feasible. The cost for a temporary passport is £33.60.

  • Children’s Passport: £22.40

Children also have their own specific passport fee, which is £22.40. Make sure to account for this fee if you’re renewing a passport for a child.

How Long Does It Take to Renew a German Passport?

How Long Does It Take to Renew a German Passport?

The normal processing time to renew a German passport is generally estimated to be around 6 to 8 weeks. However, it’s important to note that this timeframe can vary depending on various factors, such as the volume of applications being processed at the time, the location of the passport office, and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

To ensure a smooth and timely renewal process, it’s recommended to apply for your passport renewal well in advance of any upcoming travel plans or expiration dates. You can contact your local German embassy or consulate to obtain specific and up-to-date information regarding your region’s passport renewal procedures and processing times.


In conclusion, renewing your German passport in the UK is a straightforward process that can be easily done by following these steps. You can avoid any delays or complications in the renewal process with proper preparation and documentation. We hope this guide has been helpful in providing all the necessary information for successfully applying for your German passport renewal. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start the application process today and enjoy hassle-free travel with your renewed German passport!

FAQ – How to Apply for German Passport Renewal in the UK?

FAQ - How to Apply for German Passport Renewal in the UK?

Where can I renew my German passport in the UK?

You have a few options if you are a German citizen living in the UK and need to renew your passport. The first option is to visit the German Embassy in London. This is where you can find all the necessary information and forms for passport renewal. However, keep in mind that appointments may be required, so it’s advisable to check their website or call ahead.

Another option is to visit one of the Consulate Generals located across the UK. In addition to London, there are consulates in Manchester and Edinburgh. These consulates also offer passport renewal services for German citizens residing within their respective regions.

What are the photo requirements for passport renewal?

When renewing your German passport in the UK, it is important to ensure that you meet the specific photo requirements set by the German authorities. These requirements are in place to ensure that your new passport accurately represents your current appearance.

The photo must have been taken within the last six months. It should be a colour photograph with a white background. The dimensions of the photo should be 35mm x 45mm, and it should show your full face clearly without any shadows or red-eye. Your expression should be neutral, with both eyes open and looking directly at the camera.

How do I contact the German consulate?

If you need to contact the German consulate in London, you’re in the right place. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is conveniently located at

23 Belgrave Square,
Chesham Place,
SW1X 8PZ, London

Whether you have questions regarding visa applications, passport renewals, or any other consular services, getting in touch with them is straightforward. You can contact the consulate by phone at +44 (0)20 7824 1300 or fax to +44 (0)20 7824 1449.

These contact details are your gateway to accessing essential information and assistance from the German consulate, ensuring that your interactions with the embassy are smooth and efficient. Knowing how to contact the consulate can make your experience hassle-free, whether for travel, business, or personal matters.

Can I go to the German embassy without an appointment?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply walk into the German embassy in the UK without an appointment. Due to security and logistical reasons, making an appointment before visiting is important. This ensures enough resources are available to assist you with your passport renewal process.

To schedule an appointment, you can contact the Embassy of Germany or one of its Consulates General in the UK. They will provide you with guidance on how to book your visit and what documents are required for your specific situation.

Remember, planning ahead and making an appointment will save you time and ensure a smooth passport renewal experience. So be sure to reach out to the German embassy or consulate nearest to you well in advance!


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